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Who is the best forward passer in the FACON 2021?

Answer: Thomas Partey

Negative or backwards passing is simple – any pass that doesn’t advance the play & conquer territory is a negative one. It sounds bad but sometimes, it’s welcome and even necessary. You don’t win without moving forward but what if the way forward is blocked?

There is no right or wrong way to play football. That means that regardless of whether your style of play is heavy positional football or parking the bus, you need to go forward to score goals. Inherently, that will also require forward passing to achieve that goal. Ghana have Thomas Partey, who’s probably the best forward passer in this Afcon. If they play to his strengths, it will be easy for them.

The way Thomas Partey always hits the ball forward with his leader needs to be studied. Passing is a basic aspect of football. Everyone can do it. But doing it well, however, takes skill. Aesthetics don’t always equal functionality

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