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BraggsSports’ Mission is to help Expose Sports talents to the world, helping scouts and potential sponsors get noticed of sport talents right from their bed room. – “Talents Must drive to the TOP”. However we do not have the Cameras and some other basic tools to do so.


We have got a Community of  thousands of people who read our sports news and Analysis (Including Live Scores and Players Data from the Cameroon Elite One Championship) and trust our work by staying connected to us daily.

However, BraggsSports don’t have the funds to buy equipment. BraggsSports does not  have the equipment required to bring you the BEST CONTENT you may HIGHLY be in need of. Could you help BraggsSports with your donation?

Support BraggsSports into Quality sports content, every donation even as small as 500 CFA is really appreciated!

Some of you may also want to continues donate on monthly basis, Thank You.

Thank you from the whole BraggsSports Team.

What will we buy with the raised money?

Create More Quality Content, Camera, Laptops, Football Analysis Software, An Office Space etc.

Donte to Braggssports

Donate to BraggsSports Media


Number: (+237) 675048061

Name: Batuo Gaston

NB: If it pleases you, you should make sure the TRANSACTION ID while sending the MoMo is your Email Address so BraggsSports can send you a “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT” Message.

Other Ways To Donate

Give Stock

If you would like to make a gift of stock, please send an email to

Bank Transfer

If you would like to make a wire transfer to BraggsSports, please email

Want To Become A Contributor?

Want to Contribute to braggssports? We are always looking for talented new writers and we had be more than willing to welcome you to the team. Please read the guidelines below if you’d like to be a part of us in any capacity.

  • Send your content to
  • Make sure your content is at least 1000 words long
  • BraggsSports reserves the right to accept or reject based on quality
  • Make sure it fulfills our categories mentioned.
  • Provide relevant links where possible.
  • Make sure your articles have images in them.
  • BraggsSports reserves the right to edit images and videos sent to us.
  • You can also send your videos to Braggssports through or WhatsApp: (+237) 663653360 - Banner advertising service
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