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Welcome to BraggsSports– a website that brings you the best in football and sports as a whole.

At BraggsSports, we promise to:

Inform – by using facts instead of fiction and by placing ‘news’ in the right context and perspective.

Entertain – by telling a great story that helps fans enjoy football/sports and by creating an open community for every football fan to step in and share their passion.

Help Football/sports – by covering the angles and the news that has an impact on football’s/ sports’ future, and by actively contributing to the game’s development around the world.

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CEO Location: Yaounde, Cameroon Telephone: +(237) 663653360 Email:

Marketing Department

Location: Yaounde, Cameroon Telephone: +(237) 6 95 24 57 91 WhatsApp: +(237) 6 95 24 57 91 / +(237) 663653360 Email:

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