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CHAN 2023 – Cameroon 1-0 Congo Post Match Analysis

CHAN 2023 - Cameroon 1-0 Congo Post Match Analysis - Banner advertising service

CHAN 2023 – Cameroon 1-0 DR Congo Post Match Tactical Analysis as Ngom Mbekeli Jerome help the Intermediate Lions take home all 3 points in their first match of the CHAN 2023

In this short tactical masterpiece, our focus will be more on Cameroon who played the better role in the whole game overall. It should be noted that, this tactical piece will focus more on common mistakes from the Cameroon A Lions.

The game which saw a draw in the first 45 minutes of play came to life in the second half thanks to some memorable moments from both teams.

With Cameroon winning the game 1-0 after full time, there is not one moment since that has passed without me recalling some very expensive mistakes from the Intermediate Lions.

TACTICAL ANALYSIS: Intermediate Lions of Cameroon

Let me start by congratulating the Intermediate Lions coach Saidou Alioum and his team. What a coach. For the very first time in my life, i can say i have seen a Cameroonian coach who understands Direct Football. 

The Cameroon Intermediate Lions goalkeeper, Mbahbi did not have a lot to do as Congo was less of a threat.

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The two centre back pairing of Dooh Moukoko and Che Malone once again proved why they are the best in the Cameroon Elite One league. However, Dooh Moukoko is flawed in the fact that he is a bit slow than a normal centre back should be. Again, both of them are flawed in reading the game especially in progressing play and quick counters from opponents. We could easily see that during the dieing moments of the game when Congo came in with longs of long balls and crosses.

The full backs in Ibrahim and Eta Bawak were great last night but man this Ibrahim guy (LB) will go places. guy is too good defensively and offensively, i am stunt such that i lack words to be critical of him in this piece of work.

I don’t have a lot to say regarding the midfield, but i am some what less impress here because they guys who had to act as a circulator in Kaiba Djawal and Avom did not play that role. I do not mean they did not play well but of course they did not perform they circulators role.

Having two of the most fluid wingers in Donfack Ramses and Ngom Mbekeli Jerome, it suffices that a circulator do exist from midfield. But with Ngom Mbekeli Jerome playing more of a wide midfielder role or should i say wing back role, i understand why Mvom would be less of a circulator but why not Kaiba Djawal? Mbah seemed to be the only better circulator but playing a defensive midfielder role will always prevent you from perfecting that role in games.


This is football, lets take it as it is, take every opportunity with regards to the strength of every player.

I am not here to lie, if honestly Camerroon A Lions had a good circulator, Ngom Mbekeli Jerome alone would have killed Congo. Congo tried to stretch their defensive wingers but could not survive the energy and strength in Ngom Mbekeli Jerome.

Again, despite Donfack Ramses being a good winger, he is more of a poor finisher than i thought watching the Cameroon Elite One. I am still wondering why coach Saidou Alioum had to let him play 90 minutes.

Both centre backs were too slow. Two front footed defenders are very hard to accommodate in the same lineup. The styles/dynamic doesn’t compliment each other + both have very low IQ in a lot of basics like understanding passing channels, tracking markers in behind, engaging vs staying back etc.

Jérôme Ngom was doing exactly what needs to be done, just that the technical level of the team is far below his. The team needs to create situations where Ngom is ALWAYS isolated with the opposition full back. Pep Guardiola teams do it often. Those one on one situations with gifted wide players are key. He will cook.

To be honest, this Intermediate Lions of Cameroon team with regards to yesterday’s game are not tough.

But why do i say so?

This is because our best threats came from Ibrahim, Ngom Mbekeli Jerome and Mvom. Now imagine a very tactical opposition coach who could block both flanks or just the flank comprising of Mvom and Jerome, Cameroon will be dusted.

I am not trying to undermine the Cameroon coach and his staff, NO, but it is how it is.

overall, like i said before, Saidou Alioum is the first ever Cameroonian coach to impress me. He has got what is takes to bringing talents together and playing just the exact way in which the local leagues play [Direct football] and even better. Just like in Spanish league, teams are known to keeping the ball a lot in possession, a philosophy which every Spanish national team coach tries to copy.

Watching Saidou Alioum coach yesterday reminded me of Uruguayan coach Diego Alonso with his direct football during the world cup 2022.

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People tell a lot of lies about amateur players in Cameroon leagues. But you can be sure of one thing: I would never recommend someone with bad or average technical ability.

Ngom Mbekeli Jerome is the exact definition of a once-in-a-generation player. Any scout would tell you that. He is the best right back (wing back) in this country by a mile. And i am including Fai Collins, Nohou Tolo and their mates below him. He just needs a coach who will prioritize him playing in the wing back of a 4 or 5 men in midfield system.


I don’t have much to say about this team but the team is tactical poor and seems lost at moments. Apart from the little energy that came during the dieing moments of the game with lots of long balls and crosses, Congo had little or nothing to offer offensively.

Defensively they struggled to defend and even being too poor on tackling challenges. Should not be the poor finishing of the Cameroonian strikers, Congo should have collected atleast 3 goals against them.


For the intermediate Lions to go far in this CHAN 2023, they will have to learn to take their chances, you can’t miss even seaters. Overall, the coach needs a circulator and help the centre backs to be quick at progressive play or during build ups.

However, their game play was a good experience and much entertainment for much part of the game and i hope they keep up with this spirit.


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