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Scouting a perfect goalkeeper – modern goalkeeper

Scouting a perfect goalkeeper - modern goalkeeper - Banner advertising service

Football Player Profile: Identifying / Scouting a perfect football goalkeeper – a Modern Goalkeeper

With advancement in technology and coaching and the desire for players to stick more to a coach’s tactics rather than primarily on their gifted skills, it is not surprising that one can actually create a perfect football goalkeeper – football goalkeeper – a modern goalkeeper.

However as long as football is concerned with human beings, it does not just take training (Improvement) to create the perfect football goalkeeper- football goalkeeper – a modern goalkeeper.

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Here I quote “Skills FIRST before anything else”

It is why scouting or identifying football talents [goalkeeper] will always be the primary means of creating a perfect football goalkeeper – a modern goalkeeper. It is just like saying without a good idea, one cannot gather the rightful resources to produce the right and perfect output.

But what do i mean by a perfect goalkeeper -a modern Goalkeeper?

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A modern Goalkeeper

A modern goalkeeper is essentially another outfield player, actively taking part in the build-up phase – and some goalkeepers even create chances or provide assists.

A modern goalkeeper starts the build-up phase by passing out to the centre-backs or to a dropping pivot player (defensive midfielder), or by chipping the ball to a full-back or wide midfielder. After playing the first pass, the goalkeeper must readjust and offer a passing option to the player on the ball – just like an outfield player.

A modern goalkeeper needs to be able to play short, medium and long passes from anywhere in their own third of the pitch; they have to push up to support the team when play moves up the field and away from their goal.

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When we talk of a perfect goalkeeper – modern goalkeeper, we think of a goalkeeper who can create an overload in his own half such that the opposing goalkeeper should not mark the striker due to the 11 vs 10 overload created far away from opposing goalkeeper.

The question that is left is, so how then do we scout or identify the perfect player before taking them into training?

This brings us to the idea of Player Profiles of a perfect goalkeeper – a modern goalkeeper.

We all know a player’s profile must include their technical, physical, Psychological and tactical mentalities or qualities.



  • Confidence in handling ability
  • Shot stopping and diving technique
  • Effective in dealing with crosses
  • Sound in various forms of distribution techniques
  • Desire to make recovery saves
  • Dominates 1v1 scenarios
  • Consistency in positioning and set position
  • Efficient footwork


  • Game management by controlling tempo • Post match analysis and evaluation
  • Effective decision making in and out of possession
  • Proactive in support and seeks to play forward and penetrate through suitable distribution
  • Awareness of positioning in relation to the ball, teammates, opposition
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to organise, particularly on set plays
  • Capable of launching counter attacks


  • Agility/Balance / Coordination
  • Ability to recover
  • Power to dominate physical scenarios
  • Individual presence
  • Reaction
  • Vertical leap
  • Physically robust
  • Nutrition and lifestyle


  • Demonstrates emotional intelligence and self- control
  • Capable of performing under pressure
  • Leadership skills
  • Forms effective relationships with defensive unit
  • Self-learner, critiques and reflects on own performance in order to improve
  • Relentless desire to be Number 1
  • Projects confidence onto teammates and adversely effects the opposition via presence
  • Resilient and recovers quickly from errors.


As a scout, just try following all the aforementioned qualities of a perfect goalkeeper – a modern goalkeeper and you are very sure to give birth to the next Manuel Neuer, Alison Becker, Ederson, Ter stegen or the likes of youngsters like Cameroonian goalkeeper in Andre Onana, and PSG’s Gainluigi Donnaruma.

As a football talent willing to improve yourself as a modern goalkeeper to catch the eyes of scouts, follow our aforementioned qualities and the rest will be history.


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