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When Emotions faces Analysis in Football Part 2

When Emotions faces Analysis in Football Part 2 - Banner advertising service

Insights: When Emotions faces Analysis in Football Part 2. What is Emotion and Analysis? Do they feel each other’s pains?

Analysis is considered as a social science that studies the thoughts and behaviors of people. Emotions, on the other hand, are feeling states that vary in intensity and are generally directed at something or someone. They are a response to internal or external stimuli.

Emotions is one of the key elements that football fans experience when they watch football games. In such scenario, analysts often prefer to overlook emotional data as not being credible enough for analysis purposes. However, emotions has an important role to play in football by shaping human behavior and human decisions affecting player performance.

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In football, the game is constantly played on both physical and emotional levels. It is hard for rational people to comprehend the joy that a player feels when he scores a goal in front of thousands of supporters. Conversely, it is difficult for an analytical person to imagine the tears that a fan might cry on losing a match.

There are many different perspectives about how emotions affect decisions in football. Some argue that rational analysis is required to make good decisions whereas others argue that emotions are essential as they instinctively know what will be good and not good for their team.


Fans will never stop feeling the ups and downs of their team even in a game where statistics are the most important.

The word “emotion” is often associated with passion and there is plenty of it in football. The clash between emotions and analysis is something that every fan has to face when they watch football.

As fans, we feel victory or loss on our team’s behalf but to be a good analyst, we need to be able to look at stats objectively. The contradiction of emotions versus analysis can lead us to some confusion as fans, but it’s also what makes football so thrilling for those who watch it.


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