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Tactical and Opinionated view of Cameroon’s World Cup Squad

Tactical and Opinionated view of Cameroon's World Cup Squad - Banner advertising service

A Tactical and Opinionated view of Cameroon’s World Cup Squad featuring  Rigobert Song’s Tactics and Local players called up.

After releasing the list of players called up to the national to play for Cameroon in the world cup in Qatar, we at BraggsSports decided to look further and bring down our doubts, critics as well Rigobert Song’s tactics in relation to the players called up and Absentees.

Squad Critics

This same Nkoulou who could barely defend or coordinate Cameroon’s defense line against Uzbekistan and South Korea? He is passed his best. I am finished. Christian Bassogog? Olivier Mbaizo? Absolute madness.

Mbaizo for real he must have high ranked friends. He doesn’t just deliver the banga to Rigobert Song to stay on the list there. I don’t want to brag, but I quite think just one month of professional training I will be better than Mbaizo.

Team building and team composition is a big part of how coaches/managers should be evaluated, both stylistically and in terms of fixing obvious gaps in their squads.

While it’s good that Rigobert Song sees the abhorrent technical level of the attack right now by choosing 10 of them, it’s also imperative that you minimize complex decision making for the players and have a structured/automated actions (if your players are limited, which they are).

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What i am about to say is not reactionary or hyperbolic in any way, but i am absolutely, 100% convinced that there is zero legitimate reason to select Nicola Nkoulou ahead of Michael Ngadeu, Bassogog ahead of Ganago etc, there’s no pre-emptive idea of what type of football we even want to play. It’s “grab the available and go”.


I understand Samuel Eto’o Fils’ faith in believing we can do it. But you cannot do it with a poor teacher. Rigobert Song should just leave after this World Cup. I am tired.

What these set of players need is structure/automatism especially in defense and midfield, maybe at drilling a compact 4-4-2/4-3-3 and facilitating first phase progression more importantly, but gives a ton of freedom, and it hurts OUR players because Rigobert Song is a clueless coach.

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Almost all our players bar Zambo Anguissa, Fai Collins and few others are terrible decision makers who need specified movements/actions and a setup that simplifies the game for them.

We are not good enough to maximize or either raise the technical level considerably at this World Cup, or get someone else in after Qatar as coach.

Local Players Called Up

I understand Marou Souaibou had to make the squad because you cannot be a Ballon D’or winner of a nation just few weeks ago and don’t make the national squad of that nation, but looking at the game yesterday (Cameroon 1-1 Jamaica), Marou was so clueless that I even wondered whether that was the guy I tipped to win the Cameroon Ballon D’or.

Same goes for Ngom Mbekeli Jerome against Jamaica. He maybe a good runner, a good crosser, able to tract back and defend but is he a good decision maker? Is he a good dribbler? Or a good passer? Something that’s required of wingers.

I do not want to comment too much about the local players because they may only end up in the bench as most of the other guys are far ahead of them but for me if there is some or two local players who should have made the squad, it should have been the two central defenders against Jamaica in Che Malone and Dooh Moukoko. Main reason being that they are good and secondly because, our current weakest link in the central defensive link.


Rigobert Song’s Tactics?

For the very first time since taking over from Antonio Conceicao as the Indomitable Lions head coach I was able to trace out Rigobert Song’s Tactics and that was against Jamaica yesterday

I will not be laying down the tactics here but watching that game tells me he has got something to show us. But I must say, are we sure that is his ultimate game tactics? No idea as its my first time tracing that.

Again, like I said earlier, identifying players to fit into that system will be an issue for Rigobert Song. I am not playing him down but to disprove our critics, you need to prove us wrong, something he hasn’t.


Watching that game yesterday vs Jamaica tells me Rigobert Song is a 4:2:3:1 master  with two wide wingers and full backs that invert/overlap.

Looking at the squad starting with the left back, does Nohou Tolo fits in that tactics? The Answer is a NO. Maybe Wooh, let me not go to Mbaizo, lol. Tolo is a kind of full back who fits in a system that eventually switches to 3 man back line.

You don’t call up players who don’t fit into your system even if they are superstars. As a coach your primary role is to accept pressure on what ever decision you make.

This content would be too much if I keep talking but the honest truth is that our coach has to learn how to identify players profiles that would fit into hi system.

I tell you with the right profiles to fit the tactics I saw Rigobert Song use vs Jamaica and a progressive midfielder with an elite first touch and an eye for a pass, teams like Brazil who attack in a 3:2:5 system would suffer vs Cameroon.


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