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Reasons why Most Cameroon football coaches Underperform

The Reasons why Most Cameroon football coaches are Underperform - Banner advertising service

Reasons why Most Cameroon Elite football coaches Under perform at their various clubs revealed and its not because of the managing board.

Often time, we blame a team or club’s performance on poor management by the board, which we are right of course.

However, the problem with some of our club’s (e.g YOSA, PWD Bamenda, Avion Academy, Canon Sportive etc) poor performances lies in the hands of coach thanks to their various administrations.

But why do I say so?

Because some of our club administrations see anyone bearing the name “Coach”  in a team and think they could be used as head coach to manage the team TACTICALLY.

The term TACTICAL is reserved for head coaches ONLY.

It should be noted that in a team/club, there are/should be at least 2 or 3 coaches with one of them being the head coach also called the Manager.


In a football team/club, there are mainly four basic types of coaches namely;


  • Technical coach:

Helps the players to develop their passing, shooting, dribbling, movement and decision making skills.

  • Physical/fitness coach:

    Helps the players to develop Agility, speed, muscle power relative to body weight, acceleration skills etc

  • Psychological coach:

    Helps the players develop skills such as goal setting, imagery, relaxation and self-talk which are crucial for the mental well being of the players.

  • Tactical coach (Manager/Head Coach):

    Focus on player management and in game coaching to win games and or trophies.

Like I said before, the reason Cameroon Elite clubs are under performing is due to the club administrations thinking everyone bearing the name “Coach” in a team can do the job that supposedly belong to the tactician/manager.

In most cases, the technical coach is usually the Assistant head coach/ Assistant Manager.

Many Cameroon Elite clubs have recruited fitness coaches, technical coaches as their tacticians. It will be inappropriate to to site down some of the clubs here but I hope this article do reach them.

The difference is that Football tacticians/head coach/managers are responsible for player management and in-game coaching while the other coaches are more focused on team preparations, practices and making the players the best possible to win games.

Truth be told. Every club that recruits a physical coach and a technical coach as their tactician and for which who he/she has not modernize their tactical aspects of the game is likely to suffer.

Cameroon Elite Football is too physical than Tactical?

This is one reason why in Cameroon Elite football clubs, apart from Coton Sport FC of Garoua which is a bit levels above tactically, almost the rest of the clubs tactics are mainly base on strength/power (Physical attribute) to win games.

Why do Cameroonians still prefer Foreign League matches over home base games?

One would argue that it is because of lack of time to get to the field or not having capital for tickets and so on.

But the truth is that, football to a spectator is for entertainment purposes, and if Cameroon football will want to attract more crowd on match-days we need to play entertaining football. All the long balls from back to front and giving out possession in less than 30 seconds while in possession makes no sense.

If Cameroon football needs a new face, let them start with recruiting the right man in the right position.

Clubs need to ensure that tacticians have at least a National Coaching Certificate if not CAF or FIFA coaching License and FECAFOOT has a big role to play in this decision.

Again I must say; Your INJS certificate is not a tactical certificate. It is mainly for Technical, physical and psychological coaching. Go get a national coaching license at least to be a good tactician and push Cameroon football forward.


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