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Cameroon Ballon D’or Awards 2022 – Who will win

Cameroon Golden Ball (Ballon D’or) Awards 2022 - Who will win? - Banner advertising service

Cameroon football awards: Cameroon Golden Ball (Ballon D’or) Awards 2022 – Who will win the first Edition of Professional football awards

Cameroon will see its first edition of male Professional football awards this year thanks to Samuel Eto’o, President of FECAFOOT.

The awards which was scheduled to take place on the n13th of October 2022 was postponed to an undisclosed date of October as FECAFOOT intend to make some adjustments in the Cameroon football championships new season.

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The Cameroon Football Federation has already chosen voters for the most prestigious Cameroon football ward which consist of;

  • vote of captains and coaches 40%
  • vote of journalists 30%
  • public vote 30%

However, it baffles me to think that ‘WE’ want to accept a change in Cameroon football but fail to promote it through our media, not even the top media we know in the nation help enough. So far, I have only seen news reporting of the Golden Ball (Ballon D’or) Awards 2022 date before it was postponed as well as the postponement news itself.

With the lack of player database, it will be very hard for the ‘30% Public votes’ set by FECAFOOT to be casted well to the suppose deserved winner and rather it will be casted base on favoritism of the few players you maybe watched last season or maybe is a friend of your or a family member, relative of yours etc.

This is why we at BraggsSports have decided to highlight you on some players who performed incredibly last season in all Cameroon competitions (MTN Elite One and Cameroon Cup) thanks to a few players data we covered last term specifically in the MTN Elite One to backup their actual performances.


Who will win the Cameroon Golden Ball (Ballon D’or) Trophy?

To Braggssports, here are the Top 10 contenders for the most prestigious football award in Cameroon

1. Marou Souaibou (Forward, Coton Sport FC)

There is no denying that Marou Souaibou has been one of the best in the league and Cameroon national football as a whole. Marou Souaibou has scored in almost all the decisive goals since the start of the knockout phase of the MTN Elite One 2021-2022 season.

Despite Coton Sport FC’s very poor start to the last season, Marou Souaibou in starting from their 6th game of the season unraveled carnage mode, managed to score 11 goals last term helping his side win the MTN Elite One 2022 campaign.

Marou Souaibou was on target again as we saw Coton Sport dominate and won the Cameroon Cup final 2022 against Bamboutos FC few weeks ago.

2. Enow Nkembe Adolf (Forward, AS Fortuna, now plays for Cancun FC in Mexico)

If there is one lethal striker you would want to marshal your front line, it would have been Enow Nkembe Adolf.

Enow Nkembe Adolf would take down a whole defence and score into an empty net with his ground breaking dribbles and pace like Christian Bassogog of 2017.

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Enow Nkembe Adolf  managed to emerge top scorer of the league with 20 goals and 9 assist to his name and did not see himself participate in the Cameroon cup as AS Fortuna was knocked out early on.

Enow Nkembe Adolf ended up transferring to Cancun FC in Mexico this summer transfer window thanks to to his last season enchanting performance.

3. Bertrand Mani (Forward, Colombe Sportive)

Tipped to win the Cameroon top scorer award by national media, Bertrand  Mani is a force to reckon in front of the goal. Helped his team finish third on the Group A table, thanks to his 20 goals of their 47 goals scored in the league.

Could not do much in the Cameroon cup as Colombe was eliminated early on in the cup games.

4. Kaiba Djawal (Forward Midfielder, Coton Sport FC)

Find for yourself a forward midfielder with composure, sheer of vision, ground breaking passes and and the ability to execute from range and various positions, Kaiba Djawal is the man. Kaiba Djawal managed to score 7 goals and assisted 9 times last Elite One season.

5. Axel Romuald Ndzana (Defender, Astres of Douala, Now plays for Canon Sportive)

At 34 and still playing like a beast? This guy reminds me of Leicester City’s Premier League winning captain, Morgan. Tough to get passed, a commando of aerial duels and an enchanting back line clearer, what a defender.

Axel Romuald Ndzana despite being a defender still managed to score 8 times and assisted 3 times for Astres of Douala which saw him win their top scorer spot.

He currentlyt plays for Canon Sportive of Yaoundé.

6. Herbert Mbunwe Chem (Forward, PWD Bamenda, Now plays for Yong Sport Academy)

PWD Bamenda last season was one of the worse we have watched in the past 2-3 seasons but if there was one standout player, it would be Herbert Mbunwe Chem.

The teenage sensation who scored the only goal in PWD Bamenda’s Cameroon cup 2021 finals was  nothing short of a talking point in almost every PWD Bamenda’s win last term. Control, vision, and ragging thunderous strikes are what defines Herbert Chem.

Herbert Mbunbe Chem scored three times and assisted 9 times in last season Elite One as they were knockout of the Cameroon cup early.

7. Ngom Mbekeli Jerome (Midfielder, Colombe Sportive)

Are we still going to say Cameroon football lacks creators?  If Betrand Mani was scoring up to 20 goals, it was thanks to Ngom Mbekeli Jerome. Composure, vision and long range passes maybe you can list the rest, Ngom Mbekeli Jerome is a master that. He provided 12 assisted last term and is therefore the assist kind of the last season.

8. Wassou Patient ( Forward, Coton Sport FC)

The youngest player in the league? Maybe. Wassou Patient has already made his name in Cameroon football as one of the deadliest wingers. He is already featured on the national team roaster just like his team mate Marou Souaibou.

Wassou Patient is a great finisher and a great passer. Patient scored 11 times and assisted 4 times last Elite one campaign.

While helping Coton Sport in their adventure to their 7th Cameroon cup title as he scored thrice in the campaign with the last goal coming against Union Douala when he scored the opener before Marou Souaibou sealed the victory in the second half.

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9. Anye Derick Fru (Goalkeeper, Coton Sport FC, Now plays for Maritzburg United in South Africa)

We cannot talk of goalkeeper heroic from last term Elite one campaign without talking of Anye Derick Fru.

Anye Derick started the league on the bench as a second choice goalkeeper to coach Aboubakar Souleyman was later sacked after a poor start to their campaign.

Upon the appointment no new coach Herman Gabriel, Anye Derick took charge of the sticks and kept 14 clean sheets from Match day 7 eventually helping Coton Sport win the MTN Elite One as he saved two penalties during their penalty shootouts against Eding Sport in the finals.

Anye Derick eventually went on to win the Man of the Match in the finals.

He was later sold to South African Premier Soccer League side Maritzburg United before he even played the Cameroon Cup finals.

10. Joseph Apam (Forward, APEJES Academy)

The guy who marshaled a weak APEJES front line with his composed runs. Joseph Apam is a killer monster infront of the net. It is like he has got all the mathematical calculations of where the goal is, able to finish with both feet and a dangerous header from set pieces.

Joseph Apam scored 14 league goals last term and emerged as APEJES Academy’s top scorer.

NB: There is no order in the above ranking


If I was asked to choose who will win the Cameroon Golden Ball (Ballon D’or) Trophy, it would be nobody other than Marou Souaibou and Enow Mkembe Adolf to battle for my vote.

But again, the fact that Enow Adolf now plays out of the country means his chances to win the most prestigious Cameroon award now hangs in the air.

Young Player of the Year?

Also, for me, the two young players to contend for the Young Player of the year award if there will be one are Wassou Patient and Herbert Mbunwe Chem.

Who will you be voting for? Let us know in the comment section.


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