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Cameroon Cup final- A short tactical Post-match Analysis

Cameroon Cup final- A short tactical Post-match Analysis - Banner advertising service

Tactical Analysis: Cameroon Cup final: A short tactical Post-match Analysis as Coton Sport FC of Garoua buried Bamboutos FC of Mbouda in their own coffin.

After watching and rewatching the Cameroon cup final which saw Coton Sport Fc of garoua buried Bamboutos FC thanks to a controversial late goal from Souaibou Marou of Coton Sport, We at BraggsSports bring you a short tactical masterpiece about the game.

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Tactical View

Bamboutos FC are an emotional team. They run too much, give too much, exhaust their souls and bodies chasing after the ball and the narrative after yesterday’s game is ‘they played well’. A fiery, indignant bonfire of a team that burns through the night, through the rain and dies at dawn.

This is a very political and poetic way of saying “Bamboutos FC are PASSIONATE”. And most teams do same in the MTN Elite One. Reason Coton Sport FC always have the edge is because they understand momentum. When and how to take charge in big moments. A real force in this country [Cameroon].

In the second half of the game, Coton Sport FC were trying to be less predictable and to attack through more central zones or operators or interiors than in their first half. They indeed attacked more centrally, looking at that goal. Would have loved to see the amount of sequences leading to that goal unfortunately no game data.

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The main problem with the Cameroon Cup final game is, both Coton Sport and Bamboutos FC were losing the ball in an unsustainable manner (even if it was previously sustainable) because of the rapidly increasing pressure from both crowds. This shows how important momentum is. And Coton Sport who have been playing bigger competitions could handle it better.

Look at exactly how direct Bamboutos FC were (long passes, height of the passes etc). Look at where attacks were starting from and ending. Look at even simple stuff like how many counters Bamboutos FC were conceding. I am quite familiar with the right standard of using data (Which is what we at BraggsSports are trying to solve if we are supported financially and materially with data tools).

I do not have access to such data for this game or otherwise I would have consulted them for you to see how Bamboutos FC ran more than Coton Sport without dominating or creating clear chances. I am not saying this for anything other than the fact that easy, broad characterization is a bad thing. Passion doesn’t win you games.


About The goal?

No foul in my book. 50/50 challenge. you don’t come out of your territory vs a last man like that.

The goalkeeper was too casual to make it look easy. They went up together. He failed to grab the ball firmly. He barely lost the challenge. It would have been a foul ’if’ the attacker didn’t jump. Football is a contact sport.

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I know you will say the goalkeeper is protected more under his ring. But do you realize he is not in his small 18 yard? That is Zone 14 we are talking about. He could be protected if the ball was in the smaller 18 yard box.

However, if the goal should have been ruled for a foul [which it didn’t], I will blame more on the lineswoman than the central referee, the main referee was atleast 30m away from the action (which is wrong because it shows she wasn’t athletic enough, though overall she did well in the match), so she couldn’t judge the action well. And maybe VAR could have overturned that given the stakes of the match.


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