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Thiago Alcantara the Solution to Liverpool’s Problems?

Thiago Alcantara the Solution to Liverpool's Problems? - Banner advertising service

Tactical View: Is Thiago Alcantara the Solution to Liverpool’s Buildup Problems and the reason for their poor start to the season?

Liverpool’s problem is all about their buildup trouble. Without Thiago Alcantara, there is no one to set the tone, resist the press and release others to play. Everything goes faster. Liverpool try to force it in and the faster you push the ball, the faster it comes back.

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Arsenal’s improvement in possession today is mostly because they are holding onto the ball much better. Man United at home with a largely high press couldn’t make them uncomfortable. This capacity to hold onto the ball brings calm and clarity everywhere else.

Liverpool lack that with Thiago Alcantara out. The buildup becomes more nervy and with the tendency of the team to already play it quick, it becomes much quicker and disastrous when there’s no one who can naturally bring balance. Confidence is transmitted from the back.

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As Pep will say it, ‘If the first pass in build-up is good, then everything else comes naturally.’

Someone needs to set the tone, to establish confidence, to show up and say ‘We own the ball’, then the rest of the team does its job. Liverpool only have Thiago Alcantara to do that.


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