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How will Christian Erikson fit in at Man United?

How will Christian Erikson fit in at Man United?

Tactical Analysis: How will Christian Erikson fit in at Man United amidst rumours that he has agreed to join Manchester United

Rumours says that Christian Eriksen has agreed to join Manchester United on a three-year deal after talks with Erik Ten Hag. The Denmark midfielder, who spent the final four months of last season at Brentford and is out of contract, has reached a verbal agreement and the move is subject to a medical.

I (BraggsSports) have decided to tactical review how he could fit in at Man United under Erik Ten Hag amidst rumours that he could ply a double pivot role at Man United.

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The notion that Eriksen could play in the double pivot or even in a midfield 3 alongside Fernandes is one I strongly dislike and disagree with. He has spent his career operating in the final third. Even his role at Brentford was as an advanced number 8 in a 5-3-2, albeit in a box-to-box role.

Christian  Eriksen in a double pivot or as a second-phase based #8 would be asked to fulfil a role that he’s not going to carry out based on his profile. Will he circulate play patiently and not be direct which is his nature? Will he be positionally aware for defensive transitions? Unlikely.

Christian Eriksen is a free-roaming #10 who can also play as an advanced #8 ala KDB in the right half space. His interchangeability and dynamism when carrying from deep would be useful but De Jong (if he signs for Man United) does that whilst being a natural 2nd phase profile, and both definitely cannot co-exist.

Maybe in the instance where De Jong (if he signs for Man United) is unavailable and Man United are playing against a low block and Eriksen is fielded alongside McTominay (we also must consider how his physical deficiencies) it could work, but that’s a very specific circumstance. Either way, he’s an advanced creator.

Players who operate in deeper midfield areas are totally different to number 10’s. Number 10’s are creative and subsequently aggressive with their passing. Double pivot players are more methodical and a function of the team. It’s why Pogba never worked deep for United. Eriksen wouldn’t either.

Even the great deeper-lying passers like Banega, Thiago, Gundogan, etc, are far more methodical and patient with their passing than guys like Christian Eriksen or Bruno Fernandez who will only circulate patiently if there’s no progressive pass on. Physically and stylistically, it’s a big NO seeing Christian Erikson going to Man United for me.

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Of course Christian Eriksen can operate from deep because he successfully played a box-to-box role at Brentford and Tottenham Hotspur but drifting in and out of the first and second phase (which is his game) is different to playing most of the game there. Which is why Man United have been suffering lately in games, What i mean is that they suffered to consistently control their games.

Control is everything, if you’re going to play 75% of games vs underperforming teams who will patiently sit back. That’s why every elite team has an elite controller; Real Madrid (Luka Modrić), Man City(Kevin de Bruyne), Liverpool (Thiago Alcantara), Bayern (Joshua Kimmich), etc, Man United don’t have that.


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