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Astres of Douala’s Axel Romuald Ndzana

Astres of Douala's Axel Romuald Ndzana - Banner advertising service

Talent of the day: Astres of Douala’s Axel Romuald Ndzana” Why is No one talking Enough About Axel Romuald Ndzana?

The giant Astres of Douala Central Defender has left his mark in the  MTN Elite One Championship this 2022 season scoring 8 goals in the group course as they March their way to fight for the championship title in playoffs come 30th June 2022.

If Astres of Douala has had a great run this season, it should be thanks to Axel Ndzana who only didn’t just score goals but as helped the group A winners keep many clean sheets with his ground breaking tackles and fierce energy when in 1v1 situations in defence.

He has been a nightmare to attackers in the league.

To add to his defensive prowess and goal scoring ability, Axel Ndzana has assisted 3 times so far this season and is Astres Top scorer this season as well.

Astres of Douala’s Axel Romuald Ndzana has also been named MTN Elite One Player of the Month for June and is Astres of Douala’s top scorer in the Elite One championship.

He is currently ranked 10th in the Top 10 MTN Elite One goal scorers and is hoping to extend his rank in the top scorers chart as he marches into the Playoffs.


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