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Who is a Raumdeuter as used in football?

Who is a Raumdeuter as used in football? - Banner advertising service

Definitive overview: Who is a Raumdeuter as used in modern football Featuring Thomas Müller of Bayern Munich

A Raumdeuter is a term which originates from German and Bayern Munich footballer Thomas Müller. Thomas Müller who described himself as a “Raumdeuter” which means “Space Invader”. 

It should be noted that a Raumdeuter or space invader is not a position in team or field of play but a rather a role in a team.

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In football you have positions and then you have roles. Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski are both strikers position-wise but have different roles. The same applies to Trent Alexandre Arnold and Hakimi oir Roberto Firmino and Luiz Suarez for example. Raumdeuter is more of a role. That’s because they don’t occupy a specific position.

They “Raumdeuter” occupy different areas depending on situations and thus have the freedom to move more. In order to be a good reumdeuter or space invader,  you need amazing tactical understanding. The role isn´t flashy but still very important and useful.

What makes Thomas Müller special is his ability to play everywhere in the final third, find and exploit space there and to be at the right space at the right time. This requires excellent anticipation and movement. Because of that he isn’t involved in the build up that much.

Reason for that being their preference to play between the lines and adding value in the final 3rd. The flexibility of such a player is very valuable. Thomas Müller can be on the left, right in the box or as a 10. His understanding of these positions helps him predict others movement.

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