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Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea Project this 2022-23 season

Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea Project this 2022-23 season - Banner advertising service

Tactical Thread: An in Depth thread of Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea Project this 2022-23 season and why Chelsea MUST sign Players this summer

Been doing a lot of Thread on Arsenal, Barcelona, Man United, etc but barely with the blues (Chelsea). Chelsea’s project isn’t on the trajectory it should be on. Thomas Tuchel overachieved to win the CL but now Chelsea are even further behind than when he took over the club. Chelsea need to take two steps back before they can take one step forward.

An in-depth THREAD incoming

Chelsea are nowhere near Liverpool and Man City squad wise. They’re similar to Man United, Spurs and Arsenal in the sense that they still need at least 3 starters but even at that will be left short depth wise in a number of positions unless they splash an almighty amount of cash. They really do need a *LOT*.

Extending Azpilicueta would be huge because he effectively starts at RCB whilst being capable of playing at right wing back to an underrated standard due to the quality of his pressing. Sevilla’s Jules Kounde would be special too if they could get that over the line. He’s the perfect fit.


However, Chelsea are pretty short in terms of quality depth to play a back 3. Losing both Rudiger and Christensen is such a big blow. An ageing Azpilicueta and Thiago Silva can’t play every week and the back ups are Chalobah, Sarr and Loftus-Cheek. That won’t cut it.

There are of course temporary solutions such as moving Reece James back to RCB and bringing Hudson-Odoi into the XI at right wing back but it’s still not ideal. They still need another top quality centre back in their ranks to reliably play that system.

Even with Alonso likely leaving it means Chelsea only have one reliable left-wing back option. It opens up the door for Thomas Tuchel to change system but it is a massive issue as Chelsea are likely going to have to sign players but with uncertainty as to where they’ll fit in.

Even if Chelsea switch to a back four their depth is still torrid. This is all without even considering their attack is in the same position it was just before they signed a ‘star attacker’ in Lukaku who has obviously flopped. Broja is an internal solution, but they’re short.

Reports have suggested that Thomas Tuchel may opt for a 4-3-3 but that makes little to no sense when considering they don’t have a suitable #6 to play that way. Gallagher-Mount may make a lot of sense as interiors, but it doesn’t matter if they’re no suitable #6 behind them.

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The only solution for Chelsea is to extend Azpilicueta, sign Jules Koundé, AND another CB (a technician like Joško Gvardiol of RB Leipzig) to play within a back 3 system (and that’s not including other key areas that need to be strengthened). Alternatively, they can build around Tuchel’s 4-2-3-1.

Either way, Chelsea need a lot of investment to make up for the error of losing Christensen, Rudiger, Alonso and potentially Azpilicueta all at the same time. But, although this thread has been rather downbeat regarding Chelsea, their future still has lots of potential.

First of all, their starting XI with Jules Koundé is incredible, whether that be in a back three or four. The only thing that is lacking within it is a top class wide attacker (hence the Sterling links). A signing like him could propel Chelsea’s attack to another level – they need that.

When considering they’re not signing a dream player like a Haaland at Man City, a Nunez at Liverpool, a Kane from Spurs, or a Vlahovic at Juventus, they should be patient and given Broja a chance. The market wasn’t right and Chelsea splurged on Lukaku. They can’t do that again.


Link to Gabriel Jesus make little sense as he’s not on the level of the aforementioned strikers. He’s not the game changer Chelsea need. He’d be a top quality signing for Arsenal because they already have Nketiah, but not for Chelsea who need a standout CF (yes, Nketiah is that good).

Broja is an exceptional talent and the solutions in the market are currently similarly placed talents. There is absolutely no reason why Chelsea should spend money on a centre forward with Broja, Havertz and Werner for next season. It’s not optimal, but the market isn’t either.

Chelsea’s best bet would be to be patient (unlike how they acted with Romelu Lukaku when there were no standout options on the market bar him) and improve the squad elsewhere by nailing down two players for each position in the 3-4-3 OR 4-2-3-1. Then, next summer, see where they stand.

Chelsea might not even need a centre forward if Broja is such a hit or if they do the market will be different and there’ll likely be more suitable options available when considering that they missed out on an elite crop of forwards thanks to the Romelu Lukaku failure.

Overall, Chelsea shouldn’t be considered title challengers next season and fans need to be patient with Thomas Tuchel as a result of that. He’s an elite manager and deserves all the time in the world. Poor planning from the club has set the project back and he needs to rectify that.

Chelsea already had optimal options in central defence & with Alonso as a rotational option at wingback but now Thomas Tuchel has to spend a significant amount of money *JUST* to keep the squad on the same level it’s already on. That’s a result of poor planning. Thomas Tuchel is there just 18 months.

Thomas Tuchel deserves criticism for the Romelu Lukaku deal not working out but even at that I think that’s largely an unfortunate set of circumstances with Romelu Lukaku having the qualities to succeed before he bizarrely threw his toys out of the window. Thing is, he’s only signed two players to date.

Thomas Tuchel deserves time because he’s a genius and even though it may seem like the project is stalling, unfortunate circumstances surrounding the owners and poor planning in the past merely means Thomas Tuchel has to take two steps back to take one step forward. The project is resetting.

Chelsea’s expectations shouldn’t be to challenge for the title. They can’t achieve that when considering they’re at least four or five players short overall thanks to Christensen, Rudiger, Marcus Alonso and Azpilicueta possibly leaving. Thomas Tuchel needs time to rebuild, but he can make them elite again.

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