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Tactical Player Analysis: Barca and Spain’s Ansu Fati

Tactical Player Analysis: Barca and Spain's Ansu Fati - Banner advertising service

Player Analysis: Ansu Fati while playing for Spain and how similar is he is to Liverpool and Senegal’s Sadio Mane

Ansu Fati is probably most similar to Sadio Mané in style. Both are capable of dictating attacks but are too direct in nature to become a peak Hazard/Neymar type. They’d rather attack the box with and without the ball as opposed to showing for it to feet more often than not.

Ansu Fati is an elite talent. He has La Pausa to stand up his man and blitz past them on the inside or outside on either flank whilst possessing lightening speed, top ball-striking on either foot, & top technical/dribbling qualities. He also attacks the box.

He is still a teenager despite crippling injuries to date in his career. Barca have missed him massively between the ages of 17-19 which shows what a ridiculous talent he is. He’ll only grow physically in terms of strength & physical + mental stature as he develops into a man.
Luis Enrique fully understands Ansu’s significance to his national team setup. Spain, for how immensely technical they are, have often lacked that cutting edge. With Ansu fully fit and firing, they’d tick pretty much all the boxes.

Irrespective of how much playing time he gets in the upcoming nations league matches, this will be an important experience for the lad – mentally more than physically. Almost transmitting a sense of ‘I’m finally back’, after that wretched injury spree.

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