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Player Analysis: The Old and New Messi and Ronaldo

Player Analysis: The Old and New Messi and Ronaldo - Banner advertising service

Player Analysis: The Old and New Lionel Messi and the Old and New Cristiano Ronaldo and who is the greatest TALENT between them?

Player Analysis: Lionel Messi

Been watching the goals in that year which Lionel Messi scored 91. 120 goals and assists in 69 games as the teams primary creative focal point. It defies all logic and belief. I just often rewatched Messi clips to remind myself of how he did it and I’m still bamboozled.

It just takes watching Lionel Messi to grasp how ahead he was. I was really the biggest Ronaldinho/Ronaldo fan for years but at some point out of teenagerhood, I stopped arguing about the ‘best’ and switched to the ‘greatest’. I knew who was the best, I just wanted a bigger media legacy for my favourite.

Lionel Messi is still superb. I mean, of course he is. However, as we all know, he’s not the same player he used to be. In fact, he’s nowhere near it. He lacks the explosiveness in his game to reliably gain a yard of space like he used to do.

The new Lionel Messi is more reliant on deceit and direct skill via dribbling to beat a player as opposed to using his explosiveness to weave in between players, explode past a player, or to gain a yard of space. That combined with his dribbling skill was unstoppable. Now that’s gone.


Player Analysis: Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s performances in the biggest games over the last half a decade years have simply been inevitable – the comeback against Wolfsburg, the winning pen against Atletico Madrid and Juventus, the hattrick against Atletico Madrid & Bayern Munich, the two goals to put Real Madrid ahead in the final against Juventus etc.

These are some of the most iconic moments in football history which are not forgotten about because Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid won 3 Champ[ions Leagues thanks to him too. All this and he’s still replicating it with Man United at the age of 37 and that’s not to mention he was already one of the best Premier League players ever.

Comparing Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Talent-wise

I think Lionel Messi is the best ever because Messi possessed an elite goal and creative threat throughout his entire career whereas Ronaldo was often only a bit part creator in the sense that he needed the team at one point to create for him. However, Messi hasn’t replicate Ronaldo’s clutch nature.

And that’s because Lionel Messi “comes to feet” whereas Cristiano Ronaldo “lurks in the box” and is hellbent on scoring goals. Messi will attempt to dictate attacks, combine, create for others, etc and quite simply isn’t the athlete Cristiano Ronaldo is so can’t poach in the box. That’s the main difference but should be common knowledge by now.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s 5 and Lionel Messi’s 7 Ballon d’Ors seem fairly representative of their dominance (To some). Their consistency at the levels they were was surreal to witness. I’m forever grateful to see them both play. Lionel Messi was/is the best talent I’ve ever seen. He was/is too fake.

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