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Why LaLiga is failing Massively in Branding

Why LaLiga is failing Massively in Branding - Banner advertising service

Why LaLiga is failing Massively in Branding, Public Relations and winning TV rights compared to English Premier League

We all know how much popular Premier League has become today. Yes one can argue that is because English is the most spoken and written Language in the world today, but it does not end there. 

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Diego Carlos (Sevilla) leaving for Aston Villa tells us that it’s more lucrative to fight for relegation in the Premier League than it is to fight for top 4 in Spain. The marketing around strictly Barcelona and Madrid has failed. 18 other clubs suffer. It’s time to reform.

If there are two clubs in the world that can sell themselves, it’s Real Madrid and Barcelona. Instead of leveling the playing field and market the shit out of the other 18, La Liga decided to center around El Clasico. Such attractive football in Spain, yet nobody cares.

La Liga is a quality league but it needs a marketing rebrand. There are many historically iconic clubs like Valencia and Bilbao and iconic derbies like Sevilla vs Betis that don’t get enough Public Relation (PR).

LaLiga has wasted the miracle that happened to it from 2008 to 2018. Any professionals would have made this league a multi-billion dollar organization. But unfortunately Spain is what it is with Tebas.

Real and Barca must shoulder a lot of the blame here. The English premier league clubs share tv money equally. Until recently Real and Barca took 70% of the tv income themselves and left 30% for the other 18. Time for a major reform.

Now how will they fight when idiot like Javier Tebas putting salary restrictions & clubs like PSG are taking everyone? Sometimes you need to put your ego behind. All the best managers are in Premier League, you have to give some relaxation atleast when nobody is following rules man.


Laliga has enough history to start debates like this Ferdinand Vs Terry one but the league itself doesn’t engage with it’s legends through the media. LaLiga You need a better PR management team asap. You’re wasting your rich history.

Put Rivaldo on TV and Laliga official videos. Let Hierro and Santiago Carnizares discuss Levante while in their stadium. Let Raul and Puyol talk about the great Deportivo team and visit them in whatever division they’re in. Keep the fans engaged with the legends, as simple as that.

La liga has so much rich history, best players in any league in Europe. Messi, Ronaldo, Hugo Sanchez, Raul, Zarra, Cesar, Painha, Ramos, Pique, Carlos, Eto’o, Canizares, Tamudo, Hierro, Ayala, Xavi, Cruyff, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Pirri, Di Stefano etc. Why are they wasting this history with Zero Public Relation?

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The English Premier League with only a handful of overall football legends are milking their history to create insane traction for their league. They employ these legends as pundits and give them scripts to promote everything about the EPL. LaLiga please wake up.

Spanish FA should stay away from ex Laliga players who spent time in England. They’ve all subscribed to the English bias. They need genuine Laliga legends that people would be excited to listen to. Rivaldo should be on TV talking footy. Carlos should be making short videos somewhere with Granada and Espanyol players.

The EPL is using average players like Micah Richards and Wright Phillips to promote the league. They put these players in everyone’s faces. Imagine a situation where Figo, Ronaldinho, Casillas, Tamudo and Ayala are sharing a studio talking about games. Damn.

It’s really frustrating seeing debates among average players in the English Premier League when the legends are being whitewashed from history. We had a Hierro vs Koeman debate on a WhatsApp group one time. Just imagine such found its way to the timeline, these little things matter. When Mourinho was out of job, Spanish media didn’t bother to incorporate him, Pochettino too. These are the things EPL is so good at.

What is going to happen in 10 years is that history will be completely rewritten in football. The English PR is slowly rewriting everything while La Liga sleeps. Average EPL players are being gassed up while true legends of the game are fading into the background. I’m sick.

This La liga President is clueless. We need a ruthless president like Perez that’s ready to make huge money and market the league. The only thing the EPL has over La liga is PR and these days, PR is everything.

Massive Champions League final tomorrow and I’ve seen Arnold on my timeline for 3 straight days more than Benzema, a supposed Ballon D’or winning campaign? Are u mad? Wake up LaLiga, Put your legends back on the map and bring back old classics. Engage the new generation, else the English Media wave will wash your history away.

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