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Why Premier League is winning massively in Branding

Why Premier League is winning massively in Branding - Banner advertising service

Why Premier League is winning massively in Branding & winning TV rights despite season Champions almost always rightfully predicted at start of the each season.

As the European football season comes to an end and while being the most popular football continent around the globe, we at BraggsSports will take on to pin point some facts Why Premier League is winning massively in Branding than any other European League.

Just imagine that the Serie A trophy looks like what they use to grind pepper. Horrible aesthetically. These seemingly simple things matter. PL still has the best looking one by far, of the top 5 leagues. No surprises there. La Liga has the second best. Then Ligue 1. Then Bundesliga.

How can I play 38 games and you give me a shield? Or big plate. DFB Pokal trophy is elite though. That being said, I think the current FIFA World Cup trophy is head and shoulders the best and most beautiful trophy in the history of football and life.

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One thing the Premier league does so well is details. There’s nothing so insignificant that they’d ignore. They understand branding well. The other top 5 leagues ‘loose guard’ on a lot of things, especially for things they don’t consider to be so important. That’s where the edge is;

– Interesting Commentary

– Fake stadium noise

– Shirt numbering

– Camera angles

– Type/shape of goalpost net

– Fans closer to the pitch

They had us hooked on a relegation battle. Top 6 battle etc. The English Premier league don’t joke with these things.

The English don’t joke at all. Every seemingly insignificant thing is important to them. And they use it very well. If they have to manufacture things to improve perception of the product, they will.

One of the biggest marketing English Premier league has done is the FPL (Fantasy Premier League) . People don’t realize how big it is. There’s an entire subculture around it. I have people in my place who normally would be bothered about football at all, playing the Fantasy Premier League. You would know more than half of the players in the league by name. Great strategy!

The key to branding a league is to make everything an *event*. And I don’t mean a physical event necessarily. Half the time, I don’t even know if or when some leagues hand out golden boots or announce TOTY, for instance. Or anything like that. It all seems so random.

Look at ‘Man United not winning a Premier league title post Alex Ferguson’ narrative for example. It’s become such an interesting, engaging side show. Make it more than the game on the pitch because God knows the games ain’t even that good anymore.

Why are other Leagues lacking watched time than the Premier league

Only people who don’t watch French League 1 think PSG win it “easily”. They didn’t win it last year and you still didn’t care. More importantly, only caring about a league because of its title race is what someone following football for social connections would do. Not someone in love with it.

Portugal has 3 big clubs competing for the title yearly. Unpredictable + no big disparity between one club and the rest of the league. Are you interested in the league? Do you follow it religiously? Predictability is not why you don’t watch Ligue 1. It’s a lack of interest.


If your team isn’t in a league, you’re unlikely to care much about it or follow it well. If you’re generally not interested in a league, because there’s no emotional investment for you, you’re not going to watch. Even if the league has 5 teams fighting for the title yearly.

I started caring about Ligue 1 and watching it because of how much game time it gave young players. The talents. Also because I connected with French teams in the 2000s. Lens, Monaco, Lyon, Bordeaux, Auxerre, O. Marseille. This is the foundation of my emotional investment. Not title races.

You have over 700 matches and your reason not to watch/like the league is ‘predictability’? Something that doesn’t really happen until January or March in some cases. Funny thing is, they don’t even try and yet they are so sure of what it is.

It annoys my guts every time. The winner is predictable and so? Virtually everyone predicted City to win the league (which they did) but that didn’t stop you from watching Newcastle vs Everton or Burnley vs Leeds. The English Premier league has captured the attention of people for a very long time. I do agree that branding helps but the truth is, every other league has been playing catch up since.

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Think of how long people have been able to watch the Premier league in Africa. Alot of people in the mid or late 20s idolized at least one Premier league player cause that’s what they saw. So, it is kinda hard.

So, it is just a thing of interest. Branding is just one part. Again, most people that make assertions about the quality of another league don’t watch it. It is very obvious. When Sir Alex Ferguson be di chop Premier league titles left and right, no one said predictability.

The Effect of the Media on Premier league Popularity

Like most things surrounding the English Premier league, the media repeats it long enough and it sticks. Ordinary comeback, “This is why the Premier League is the best league in the world” Same thing happens elsewhere “Lack of quality. They just bottled”. Dishonesty and lies.

I remember this season when a commentator called it “the league of comebacks”. I wanted to go crazy. People were now fighting me on it that it’s true. As if comebacks aren’t common everywhere. There were like 5 comebacks in La Liga that same weekend. In France, Nice also made two 2-0 comebacks in their last 3 games.

Check everyone’s predictions at the start of the season. ‘City to win the league’ was the common sentence. And they won. They’ve won 4 of the last 5. What’s unpredictable about that? But people still care. Beyond marketing, there’s clearly interest in it. Emotional investment.

People are too emotionally invested in Premier league teams. The average Cameroonian supports Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man United because they were fed with it. We used to have the covers of our exercise books of these teams and or their players. Even Mathematical Set. It was everywhere. Not really because the Premier league branded itself.

It was easily accessible and the narratives around it were sublime. It was easy for people to quickly connect with it. It was everywhere in their faces. They have had a massive head start. They also have the language factor.

Everyone is enticed by Peter Drury’s commentary. The English accent is fancy. Not to mention, they run English commentary for foreign leagues as well. Broadcasting network superiority. It is a lot of things.

Personally, I don’t think other leagues should lose their heads trying to compete. They won’t win. The odds are not in their favour at all. Football is in cycles. Pep and Klopp won’t stay at Man City and Liverpool forever. The next big manager could be in another league.

What I think they should do is find their strengths and run their branding based on that. Use every unfashionable edge they can use. They don’t have to copy exactly what the Premier league is doing. Just the process.

The Bundesliga are trying in that aspect. The Bundesliga account is littered with posts about all the teams and so many different players. And the videos are accessible too. They do player compilations and all sorts. I love the page.

They’ve realized that social media is a place where they can win certain battles. You can’t beat Premier league in its strongholds. You have to look for more neutral grounds where you can take advantage of what’s already working. They’re smart.

Narratives are everything in football. They control the sport.

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