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Why jump penalty takers are finding it hard to score lately

Why jump penalty takers are finding it hard to score lately - Banner advertising service

Tactical Analysis: Why jump penalty takers are finding it hard to score lately as opposed to the regular run up penalty takers

It is easy to prepare against a jump penalty technique (Bruno Fernandez, Jorginho) as opposed to a regular run up. The entire idea of the jump penalty technique is to go the opposite way of which the goalkeeper commits to. It is effective because the placement decision is made at the last second. But what if the goalkeeper doesn’t commit? You end up looking like a fool.

The jump technique means that the player cannot generate enough power if the Goalkeeper stays as there is no momentum generated until the last second. This is more of a placement thing than generating power. If the Goalkeeper plays his cards right, he always has a good chance against saving this. Goalkeepers will start to not gamble/judge against this technique. Stay on the line until the last second; make the penalty taker gamble. We have already seen it a few times with Jorginho and Bruno Fernadez.


The best penalty technique imo is Cristiano Ronaldo or peak Eden Hazard. They have the same check on their run up to see which side the keeper is gonna dive, but it is Way more subtle. The reason I think Ronaldo/Hazard is the best is that the check exists but is understated.


Giving them the same advantage Bruno Fernandez or Jorginho have in terms of picking the opposite side to the one the keeper chose. But the slowness of the run-up plus the understated check means they can still power it if the keeper holds his ground. The ball striking isn’t greatly impaired at all.

Another great one which is similar is Marcus Rashford, who is similar in terms of delaying the keeper without impairing his striking, but he is more prone to mistakes. Lewandowski, Harry Kane, Balotelli are other good examples.

Bruno and Jorginho’s bluff is just too obvious.

I have seen countless goalkeepers dive to the correct side but they still can’t get Harry Kane’s penalty. His shot power is crazy. But we aren’t analyzing his execution capability.

We are talking about techniques here. It’s why i even mentioned Marcus Rashford despite him not having a world class success rate. The point is to analyze the process, not how they finish the task. Will be interesting if he works more on dead balls.

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