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The salary situation within Cameroon MTN Elite One clubs

The salary situation within Cameroon MTN Elite One clubs - Banner advertising service

The salary situation within Cameroon MTN Elite One clubs and some unfulfilled promises by Samuel Eto’o according to AS Fortuna President.

In a communique released in March 2022 before the MTN Elite kick started by FECAFOOT acting general secretary, Benjamin Didier Banlock (currently being suspended by President Samuel Eto’o for corruption), Cameroon Elite One Championship and Guinness Super League (female) footballers are to be paid at least 100,000 XAF monthly.

However, we are now at least six (6) weeks into the season and only two clubs have fulfilled that promised so far.

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Below are the details of how fair the clubs have been to their players so far.

The good paying clubs

  • Stade Renard of Melong
  • Coton Sport of Garoua

Clubs to have paid at least One month salary

  • OFTA of Kribi
  • Astres of Douala
  • Canon Sport of Yaounde
  • UMS of Loum
  • Fauve Azur
  • Union Sportive of DOuala
  • PWD Bamenda
  • Colombe of Dja and Lobo

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Clubs to have paid less than a month salary to its players

  • Avion Academy
  • Dragon of Yaounde
  • New Stars of Douala
  • Racing Bafoussam
  • Bamboutos Fc of Mbouda
  • Tonnerre Kalara Club of Yaounde
  • Eding Sport of Lekie
  • APEJES Academy
  • Djiko FC (Feutcheu FC) of Bandjoun
  • YOSA (Yong Sport Academy)
  • AS Fortuna
  • Fovu Baham
  • Panthere of Nde
  • Renaissance of Ngoumou
  • Yafoot


In an interview with Vision4 TV, Roger Noah, president of AS Fortuna says there are some unfulfilled promises by Samuel Eto’o President of FECAFOOT.

To Roger Noah, Samuel Eto’o had promised to double the contributions to the clubs which was initially CFA17M which means it should be CFA34M after after being double to which President Samuel Eto’o only ended up approving CFA20M in subsidies per club for this 2021 – 2022 season.

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Roger Noah: “People need to stop saying big things.” No club president asked to stay in a hotel; it was imposed on us, and that must be said. No football club in Cameroon has asked for a grant: This is a promise from the president of the federation. The president of FECAFOOT promised us to double the contribution of the federation to clubs. Before we had 17 million, so it was a question for FECAFOOT to go to 34 million; where is it? He finally promised 20 million, we’ve already received 12M. And that’s 4 months ago, the championship only started 6 weeks ago. We need to stop suing club presidents in the media, because if you didn’t know, a top division club spends for example 600 thousand francs in training bonuses a week. What about the recipes? My club has been training since August (…) Did you know that the last three champions of Cameroon have never received their Championship awards? Or the president promised to pay them right after his election! We decided to accompany this federation because the president is a brave person, but we need to stop saying things about club presidents. Our football is in agony” 

Because we at BraggsSports like to talk about football and other related sports, the questions that keeps popping up our heads are;

  • Do club presidents or the clubs need to lay their focused on subsidy funds from the football federation in order to pay its players?
  • Should not every professional football club president or owners have their own source of income for managing their respective clubs?

What is your say in this matter? Leave your opinions in the comment section.

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