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Top 5 Most aggressive Cameroon footballers

Top 5 Most aggressive Cameroon footballers - Banner advertising service

Top 5 Most aggressive Cameroon footballers to ever play for the Cameroon football national team in the last 20 years

In football, there is always two sets of footballers; those who can manage their aggressiveness on the pitch and those who cannot manage anger. Those who can’t manage anger or be less aggressive during tackles are said to be the bad boys of football.

There are lots of bad boys in recent years in football with the most coming from around Europe and South America.

However, Cameroon is one of the finest examples of a nation in Africa to have got the most aggressive players/ bad boys in the last 20 years.

Below are the top 5 most aggressive footballers to ever grace the Cameroon national team.

1. Rigobert Song Bahanag

Master of dark arts, bad challenger, protector of his team mates. The  current indomitable Lions coach Rigobert Song was an all round  aggressive player who could kill you in tackle in just a blink of your eyes. Man was so frightful that even opposition players needed to know how to approach him.

National football fans nicknamed him Banga Man/Maniang, indicating that he smokes weed before each game.


2. Alexandre Song

The former Barcelona and Cameroon International just like his brother Rigobert Song was known for his reckless challenges too. You never see a smile on his face while in the pitch. The guy who almost killed Mandzukic in a world cup game against Croatia in 2014.

3. Adolphe Teikeu

Teikeu who won the AFCON with Cameroon in 2017 is no where one of Cameroon’s finest defenders ever, but the spirit in his challenges, the aggressiveness, all round made people feel like the retired Rigobert Song was reborn in the team.

4. Lauren Etame Mayer

The Cameroon legend, and part of Arsenal’s Invisibles was a no joker. No smiles ever, just play the ball and if you manage to dribble pass him, you are dead. Never try to attack him else he grasp your neck, That was his norm.

As cool as Lauren Etame Mayer was as dark as he was, an equilibrium player.


5. Joel Epalle

Joel Epalle was not know for aggressiveness out of anger but rather due to his aggressive challenges. Man of pace, pawer, tricks etc, Epalle could knock you down during defending in a tackle challenge like a hit and run truck. Man was so powerful and full of pace that you never let him alone on the flanks else you wont catch him, The Adama Troare of Barcelona typo.

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