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Canon Sport vs Tonnerre Kalara Pre-Match Analysis

Canon Sport vs Tonnerre Kalara Pre-Match Analysis - Banner advertising service

MTN Elite One 237 Derby: Canon Sport of Yaounde vs Tonnerre Kalara Pre-Match Analysis, Head-to-head stats, Predictions and more ahead of Elite One Matchday 4 clash

The two must feared and known clubs in the centre region of Cameroon will be going head-to-head in what is commonly called today as “the 237 derby or the Yaoundé derby or the Cameroon derby”. This means that 1st place Canon will Sport of Yaoundé will face last place Tonnerre Kalara (TKC) in group A of the MTN Elite One.


Previous games Stats

It is true that proper club management brings results and Canon sport of Yaoundé can be used as an example. The club has not just setup a football team but has improved the quality of their services while signing contract deals with major companies. This has helped booster the performances of their players on and off the pitch as they now have their own club gym, medical equipment and more.

As such since the start of the new MTN Elite One season, Canon Sport of Yaoundé has won all their 3 previous fixtures while conceding just one goal and netting 8 goals in the course of three games.



On the other hand, Tonnerre Kalara club (TKC) who missed matchday 1 due to corruption as reported by the club president is yet to win a match after playing two games and losing both while conceding three goals in the process.


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Canon Sport vs Tonnerre Kalara Head-To-Head stats

Since the 2018-2019 season, the two clubs have clashed 5 times with Canon emerging winner twice while drawing twice. Tonnerre however emerged winner once.

During this clashes, only 7 goals where scored with 4 being scored by Canon Sport against 3 for Tonnerre Kalara. The two draws ended with a 0-0 score.

Tactical Analysis

Thanks to Canon sport of Yaoundé media coverage, i was able to watch some of their games this season. By looking at their formations, a lot can be said. Coach Minkreo Birwe loves his 3:4:3 formation and has mastered the arts in that system. However there are moments in his game where he swaps to the 4:3:3 formation. However his tactics are mainly seen in his 3:4:3 formation.

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This kind of layout is a very attacking formation: that is to say that you can have up to eight players attacking at once.

It is quite vulnerable in defence simply due to the fact that there are only three dedicated defenders.

For Coach Minkreo Birwe’s 3-4-3 formation to work, he needs tactically astute players who fully understand their role in the team. They must be flexible and know how to respond both with and without the ball.

If they are not, you risk being overwhelmed in defence as your opponents exploit the gaps and space that the 3-4-3 formation leaves open at the back.

However, coach Minkro Birwe’s men have shown that they can display top notch defending while playing three at the back as they have only conceded 1 goal so far this season.

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I have very little to talk about Tonnerre Kalara’s tactics as there is no media coverage so far. The little i have comes from last season when Canon Sport and PWD Bamenda broadcasted their against against Tonnerre live on Facebook. In these games Tonnerre was assembled in a classic 4:2:3:1 formation.

This system can cause a lot of havoc against opponents suppose each player understands his role very well. This system requires the centre backs to read the game very well and communicate with the double pivot defensive midfielders.

However speaking from the display of Tonnerre in the last season games against Canon Sport and PWD Bamenda, they lack top notch defensive midfielders/destroyers and and centre midfielders who can circulate play. I do not know if this issue has been solved in the just ended transfer market or not but lets see.

Also the fact that Tonnerre is suffering from internal crises within the club, it could be a major blow for them against Canon of Yaoundé in the 237 derby.

One thing left to be said is, if Tonnerre will want to win the the Mekok Megonda Boys, it will be to counter them, maintain great transitional display or play a deep line of defensive display forcing Canon to lose the ball high up the pitch.


Like i already explained in the analysis and previous stats, Canon Sport of Yaoundé is the clear favorite but this is football and anything can happen.

It is tough to predict derby, all i can let you know here is there will be goals.

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