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Will Everton’s Frank Lampard ever be a good coach?

Will Everton's Frank Lampard ever be a good coach? - Banner advertising service

Tactical View: Will Everton’s Frank Lampard ever be a good coach despite failure at Chelsea and recently at Everton

After watching Everton get hammered 5-0 by Antonio Conte’s Tottenham, BraggsSports has decided to look a little deep into Frank Lampards tactics to see if he really is a good coach or could ever make a good coach.

Here is what i have to say regarding Frank Lampard’s tactics.

I have been wondering what Franck Lampard was doing after he left Chelsea. He didn’t show any signs last night against Conte’s Tottenham he learnt anything from his Chelsea experience. His team pressing setup is one of the worst in the game. Still leaves very wide gap btw midfield & defence! Just like at Chelsea.

Will always find it very hard to ever trust the tactical acumen of a coach who saw Kai Havertz and decided to use him as a deep right-sided number 8 collecting the ball in his own half.

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Lampard’s time at Everton sums him up as a manager. Some good performances, but some really, really bad ones too. With the ever-evolving and elite tactical quality in the Premier League from top to bottom, I struggle to believe that he can reliably compete with these coaches.

So, far Everton under him have had some good specific game plans but also some bad specific game plans, but that’s not a reliably method of winning football matches because there’s no set tactic and therefore no way of building a squad that’s suited to that tactic.

Was Lampard playing a higher defensive line with Michael Keane ever going to work? For the 3rd goal, Keane misjudges the flight of the ball in a duel with Kane then gets completely outpaced by him to give him a free run on goal. The tactics do not fit the personnel.

Organized Press is one of those important things in today’s football that Lampard lacks. He is learning it the hard way. Badly exposed defence and my brother Ashley Cole was there with him.

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