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What is Juego de Posicion (JDP) in football?

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Football Concepts: What is Juego de Posicion (JDP) as used in football and Why is Juego de Posicion (JDP) regarded as an offensive  concept?

JDP stands for Juego de Posición as known in Spanish. JDP is Offensive Concept.

Juego de Posicion comes down to giving the offense a set of guidelines to play within a structured scheme. The playing field is divided into specific zones with four vertical lines and some horizontal lines.

Why is JDP an Offensive concept?

The players will have specific tasks and responsibilities within these zones depending on the phase of the game. The unique thing about this concept is that the options are predetermined by the position of the ball. If the ball is on the left wing at midfield, then the zones that must be occupied are entirely different than when the ball is on the right half of your own 18 yard box. The team must use continuous ball-oriented shifts when in possession. These shifts must be coordinated to give the team as many passing options and running lanes as possible while simultaneously causing the opposition problems. Short passes, switched balls, and the rotation of the ball’s position are all important tools that are defined by the complex positional tasks assigned to the players.

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GOAL: The goal of “Juego de Posicion” is that the zones and the tasks within them are flexible and can be occupied and used by different players. There are usually problems in the implementation in training or the adjustment and understanding of the players.

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