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Why 1xbet betting platform is dominating the others

Why 1xbet betting platform is dominating the others - Banner advertising service

Opinionated Post: Why 1xbet betting platform is dominating the other betting platforms such as Premier Bet, BetPawa and co in Cameroon

I think 1xbet with their varying markets is why people end up going back there, despite how problematic they are. Not ideal but that’s the power of a great UI (User Interface). People underestimate the value of markets in betting. Even though I 1m not so into betting like before nor an expert that much but I wll always advice people to vary their betting options. Always.

BetPawa don’t even have markets like 1xbet and people don’t mind. Something I value a lot because I always vary betting options in my betting slips so much. Other betting companies are sleeping. 1xbet has the highest odds too I think. Their odds are the best with each respective market.

I am yet to really use Yellowbet, Beto’o, Roisbet etc. All those advantages and bonuses means nothing when users struggle to find other markets on your site.

In one of my Facebook post about why 1xbet betting platform is dominating the others in Cameroon, a fan of mine commended with the following comment below:


“What I think should be at the forefront of every bettor’s choice of bookmaker should be reliability. When I win, how fast do you pay my money?, how quick are you to reply to my queries, and many more, and not the varying markets you should have. It doesn’t make sense that you have over 1k markets but when clients win, you delay to payout, or you restraint payout just so that customers should be tempted to replay the won amount hence increasing their margin to lose the won money, or you have a query about your account and you are only replied to after 7 days. In this context, I think the best you will have out there is Yellowbet, Betpawa and Premier Bet. Do you know the adrenaline levels you have when you request a withdrawal and you can’t have your money at your desired time? So that’s just my humble opinion about your writeup, I wasn’t subjective because of obvious reasons that you know, I am being a neutral thinker as well as someone who place bets.”

We all know bookies are always against us. No matter how we try to twist it. Placing a limited number of markets also reduces your chances in winning. Now depends on what you prefer. However, the fan’s opinion was spot on of course.

What is your best betting platform and why? Leave your comments in the comment section. - Banner advertising service

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