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Man City 4-1 Man United Post Match Player Analysis

Man City 4-1 Man United Post Match Player Analysis - Banner advertising service

English Premier League: Man City 4-1 Man United Post Match Players Analysis as Manchester City destroyed Manchester United in the Manchester Derby

Manchester Derby was always soft work for Man United in the Ole days. Today we saw a different thing as Man City got the best out of Man United.

Why can’t Man United press in second half with the same commitment they start first half with? This is not like the Arsenal situation where physical fitness was the issue. Is this a case of too many rotten individuals in a pressing set-up?

The answer is the lack of club philosophy. Read Why every football club should have a philosophy to understand more.

We are going to take a brief player analysis on two of the players each from both Manchester teams because we saw a lot to be talked about them during and post the derby.

Player Analysis: Phil Foden

Talent wise Foden is better than any English talent, by a distance. The one talent England have produced in a very long time you could genuinely argue is a ‘generational’ prospect. He’s so unusually non English in the way he moves, plays, understands the game.

He hasn’t come remotely close to hitting his ceiling by the way. Which is being the single main man in a world class team, with everything being run through him. The second he’s played deeper in a more central role, on a regular basis, with freedom, it will become apparent.

I have seen Foden absolutely dominate Brazil sides when he was 15 and 17 at Under 16 , under 17 and under 20 levels. The benefit he had as a kid was that he was so much smaller and lighter than everyone else. It brought his technique, touch, footwork, speed of thought to the fore.

There was no emphasis or reliance on physical traits, strength, speed and acceleration. From a purely technical standpoint Foden is the best England have seen this century.

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Player Analysis: Harry Maguire

Maguire’s issues are overblown. He’s not as clean at making decisions as the likes of Thiago Silva and he has a way of losing his funk in some high pressure moments but he’s still an incredible defender in an extremely pressured environment trying to find his way back into groove.

The England structure was closer to the environment he’d have at top clubs than what he has at United (though they have noticeably improved recently under Rangnick). Same psychological profile with Werner for me. Both are incredibly talented players with a ‘funny’ streak to them.

Put Maguire in Bayern Munich, Man City or Liverpool’s extremely structured side and he will be the most amazing defender you had ever seen. Structure is there to help defenders. It’s to set them up to succeed.

Don’t forget how Rudiger and co looked like under Frank Lampard. Not every Centre Back can thrive in chaos. Gerard Piqué for example, has been a different beast under Xavi due to this same reason; Structure. Pique hasn’t been dribbled past since xavi’s arrival and hasn’t struggled at all against pacy players.

People still think maguire is a low block defender and loves to defend close to his box because he is British. He is completely the opposite. He is at his best when he is aggressive and everyone is pressing from the front. Basically he is a modern centre back in a team stuck in 1980’s. England plays a 4-2-3-1 too and maguire has been brilliant, Maguire and this same back 4 kept the most clean sheets in Europe, before the Euro final. He was the best CB in the euros. Look at the two people in front of Man United’s defence compared to England’s.

Stop saying Maguire cannot play in a high line due to raw pace. That’s not how it is. Most of the defending he will ever have to do will be in front of him. Joel Matip is not known for being exceptionally quick and neither is Pique or a countless number of other world class defenders.

In the situations where people think it’s all about pace, it’s actually about keeping play in front of you and making it as difficult as possible for the opposition to get a good shot off. Rarely do you see modern centre backs in the situations people so often think they are in.

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