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Volleyball: Who is Christian Arthur Voukeng Mbativou

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Volleyball: Who is Christian Arthur Voukeng Mbativou who has been making headlines lately in Cameroon and the volleyball world?

Christian Arthur Voukeng is a Cameroon international volleyball player who currently plays for Turkish top tier club Avşar Maden Suyu Afyon Belediye Yüntaş in the Turkish volleyball league (Türkiye Erkekler Voleybol Ligi). 

Christian Arthur Voukeng Mbativou whose volleyball journey started in 2014 while in the University of Yaounde 1 has featured for three top tier professional volleyball clubs, one of which is home base Port Douala during the 2017/2018 season. The 29 years old Cameroon Volleyball star made a move to Zamalek in the Egyptian volleyball league and spent the 2020/2021 season there before a half way transfer to Turkish side Avşar Maden Suyu Afyon Belediye Yüntaş during the 2021-2022 season.

Christian Arthur Voukeng Mbativou caught the spotlight while playing for Cameroon during the 2018/2019 African Games which Cameroon eventually came first thanks to Christians Voukeng’s masterclass performance.

It was due to his performance during the 2018/2019 African Games which saw Egyptian giant Zamalek secured his signature.

Christian Arthur Voukeng Mbativou went on to win the Egyptian Cup 2020/21 with Zamalek as well as helping them secure a second position in the Egyptian League 2020/21 and a runners up position in the  African Club Championships 2020/21.

As if it was not enough, Christian Arthur Voukeng when called to represent Cameroon in the African Championship 2021 showcased another masterclass performance which saw Cameroon almost lifting the Championship and was only beaten by the very best in Africa, Tunisia in the finals. The 29 years Cameroon international volleyballer eventually went on to be awarded the Best middle-blocker and Best blocker of the Championship.

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It was through his African Championship 2021 display that Christian Voukeng caught the eyes of some of the clubs in one of the best volleyball leagues in the world. Then came an eventual transfer halfway from Zamalek to Avşar Maden Suyu Afyon Belediye Yüntaş. 

Christian Arthur Voukeng Mbativou is currently ranked as the 149th best volleyball player worldwide and one of the best in the middle of the court in 2022. Christian Arthur Voukeng is also ranked second best player in his club Avşar Maden Suyu Afyon Belediye Yüntaş according to points won. He has won 205 points only second to Batuhan Karaca with 207 points who also plays as a Middle-blocker.

Christian Arthur Voukeng Mbativou who is now making a name for himself in the world of volleyball however was a student of English High School, Yaounde (E.H.S, Y’de) and Medical Microbiology at the University of Yaounde 1 where he discovered volleyball thanks to training center founded by coach Yende Lavoisie called  “Cite U Volleyball”. 


Although many regard Christian Voukeng as just a volleyballer, he is also an Entrepreneur and lead the ALM Holding which has 2 active companies namely the ALM creative studios and BigBang which he founded in 2013 and 2019 respectively. The Volleyballer and Entrepreneur is also chairman of Domino Charity International which is a humanitarian organization he founded in 2011.

During an interview of  him on World of Volley, the Cameroonian volleyballer, Christian Arthur Voukeng Mbativou was asked what he does during his free time when he is done with his volleyball matches and training, here is what he said;

“After volleyball, I am extremely busy, because I am an entrepreneur and lead the ALM Holding which has 2 active companies ALM creative studios and BigBang which I founded in 2013 and 2019 respectively. These two companies are communication, marketing and design for the ALM creative studio and Technology like software construction, big data, cyber security, web design and Iot for Bigbang Ltd for a team of more than 40 people. I am also chairman of Domino Charity International which is a humanitarian organization I founded in 2011, for the past decade we have supported thousands of vulnerable children across Cameroon. Multiple projects both on the ALM Holding and with the NGO Domino Charity International. Actually, I have no rest, I sleep just enough for recovery and I have not had any holiday for the past 6 years, says Arthur Voukeng, who keeps explaining his entrepreneur’s story:

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After building one of the very important innovative accounting software in Cameroon and Africa we are heading into sports technology. I made the announcement a few days ago, I will be investing 200.000 dollars into the “Tyson20 Lab” as part of the seed funding to start research and development of sports technology with a few products especially for volleyball. We have chosen three main domains of sports technology which are wearables like bracelets and patch sensors, both associated with athlete efforts physiology and biomechanics. The second domain is data analytics through the construction of adaptive software which will be data collective and maybe an open source for just our equipment and software, and finally, the development of non-conventional communication assets between sports organizations such as clubs and their fans, ameliorate the communication targeting through the use of web and mobile application amongst other assets to continue spreading the magic of sports. The insights are alarming, The sports technology industry represented close to 17 billion dollars investment last year, and the sports industry as a whole represented more than 500 billion dollars investment, due to the Covid-19 crisis, the ratio of investment in the sports Technology will rise geometrically, we hope to be one of the important African based start-ups who will represent growth in the tech sports industry, we plan to raise 3 million dollars after making our first prototypes are officially out. My focus will be the market acquisition because in the rapidly innovative world, real Innovation has become the capacity to sell, the difference is in the capacity to make and sell these products. As a Volleyball player, I have learned a lot about teamwork and the value of a team, I always push every collaborator to give his full potential because the projects and ambition are huge as compared to the resources we have which are somehow limited. We want to take bold steps always to do all the possible and impossible things.”


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