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Would Ole Gunnar still have been at Man United if Ronaldo was not brought in?

Would Ole Gunnar still have been at Man United if Ronaldo was not brought in? - Banner advertising service

What‘s going on at Manchester United Despite finishing second last term? Would Ole Gunnar still have been at Man United if Ronaldo was not brought in?

I know its not April fools day just yet but this was supposed to be the year where Manchester United challenged for the Premier League title, and they are still miles from it. What‘s going on?

Some will not like this because “the table never lies” narrative will pop in, but Manchester United weren’t the second best team just because they finished there last season. Chelsea and Liverpool were still better but just had underwhelming seasons. They were two tiers below but thought they were near the peak.

The odd thing is that the management of Manchester United thought the same as the naive public and invested heavily in ‘proven’ players that were meant to make the team challenge Manchester City. Meanwhile certain people were telling them they had be lucky to make fourth.

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Honestly, Manchester United would still have been a solid contender in for fourth at least, if they had not bought Cristiano Ronaldo, making it impossible for Ole Gunnar to play his unspectacular but effective enough system. Consequently, he had to change it to accommodate Cristiano Ronaldo, leading to overall worse team dynamics.

Because football is a complex sport, most fans don’t really want to address problems as they really are. Rather, they create a version of reality where the problem is extremely simple, extremely approachable and easily fixed. And who gets blame for not doing easy fixes? The manager,

This is a deep-rooted issue in all of football discourse, from narratives on The Athletic to the comments section of Troll Football etc. Team problems, as long as they are observable, always have easy solutions. No one wants to admit they do not know the answer.

Ole Gunnar without Cristiano Ronaldo would have still made 4th, by the way. Cristiano’s signing really changed everything and led to much worse team dynamics with the hope that his goals would make the difference. But goals were never Manchester United’s problem.

That club desperately needs a “check” which stops it from making marketable moves like this Cristiano Ronaldo signing. A mechanism which saves it from itself. I hope Mr Rangnick is that guy. He at least seems to be ground in reality. Does need to be seen though how much he can influence the higher ups from his “consultancy” role. He could be the perfect man to oversee Manchester United’s rebuild but it would be in vain if he isn’t allowed to exert any authority.

Rangnick told the Man United board to forget ‘The Haalands’ and spend time more sensibly – analysis of weak points in the squad, scouting talents, developing youth and maximizing what’s already available. Much needed reality check at.

Reason why Manchester United are so far behind Man City and Liverpool. This should have been the priority when Sir Alex Ferguson left. Another reason why they should forget about winning the league title at this time when Pep and Klopp are there and instead plan to challenge when they are gone in 2-3 years.


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