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Arsenal 2-1 Wolves Post Match Review

Arsenal 2-1 Wolves Post Match Review - Banner advertising service

Arsenal 2-1 Wolves Post Match Review and why Arsenal needs to build-up their technique during build-up phases to be perfect to create something vs big teams

Watching the Arsenal vs Wolves game highlights, Wolves are a tough side to break down. They are very dangerous especially away from home but the way Arsenal dominated them last night, despite lacking creativity in front of goal, was really impressive.

Arteta’s tactics were elite. The settled press, the aggression, the patience when building play and late on, the combinations, compactness and so on everything was brilliant, and not even a lack of quality let them down.

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The thing about Arteta’s process is his system remains, but the quality won’t. He will sign players in the market to fill the necessary voids in his team that is Lacazette, a more suitable number 8 profile than Xhaka, better depth and we all know his talent ID and prioritization is elite.

Isak, Abraham, Broja just to name a few the number 8 profiles in Guimarães, Tielesman, F. Ruiz, and whoever else all make complete sense in terms of necessary positions to upgrade in, profiles and quality. We all know he will sign a top quality wide player as well to complement Saka and Martinelli.

This is also the first time I have seen Arteta deploy Thomas Partey at holding midfield against an opposition of such quality. Normally, as against Manchester City, it would be with Xhaka flatter besides him. Guess Arteta is getting more confident in him at the new role.

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The question is actually not ability but consistency. It has always been about if Partey can do this for 38 out of 38 games next season. No 10 out of 38 or 20 out of 38. Or halfway like that. It requires incredible consistency and that’s what’s lacking.

Until Arsenal get a striker who they can pump 7 long balls into his chest and be sure he will win it and consolidate, they will always have a tough time with Liverpool, no matter how good they get. Lacazette’s style works well against the poorer teams but not against athletic pressing monsters.


The problem with Lacazette is that he is technical but not enough to make a difference against top, athletic and dominant defenses (in the way a Joao Felix may). At most, he wins a few fouls. His level of technique needs to go along with massive amounts of athleticism to make a difference against Van Dijk and Fabinho.

A big part of Arsenal’s game against Manchester City was Cancelo being consistently beaten by Martinelli. Now, that dynamic is worse for them against Liverpool. And their technical level or confidence is not high enough to consistently create from buildup situations.

Arsenal just need to win the duels. If you can’t win the One vs One duels against Liverpool, you need your build-up and your technique in build-up phases to be perfect to create something. Arsenal are still too dependent on confidence and emotions in big games.


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