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Eyoh Talks Post Match Reactions and Analysis Tactical Analysis UEFA Champions League

PSG 1-0 Real Madrid Post Match Analysis and Review

PSG 1-0 Real Madrid Post Match Analysis and Review - Banner advertising service

UEFA Champions League: PSG 1-0 Real Madrid Post Match Analysis and Review as Kylian Mbappe saves the day for the Parisien club

I have rewatched the PSG vs Real Madrid Round of 16 Champions league first leg again and here i will leave you with some tactical views from the game.

Lots of talks around Real Madrid’s players underperforming vs PSG, however it would be unable to not praise Alaba and Militao who are the pillars of Ancelotti’s plan to drop deep in the first place.

Assuming there were less transitions than expected but these two have done a tremendous job.

Carlo Ancelotti Tactics vs PSG

Ancelotti’s tactics vs PSG is a classic case of results-based analysis vs analyzing the fundamental performance. PSG man vs man pressing penned Real Madrid in, despite the 0-0 score. He had to change the build-up structure and create an overload somewhere. He kept the same 4-3-3 throughout.

Benzema injury tax has to be applied but that was shocking from Real Madrid. Ancelotti forced into changes for second the leg could be a blessing. Camacinga-Fede-Modric could be good but Marcelo at LB against Mbappe is going be brutal.


PSG Tactics vs Real Madrid

Very useful part of PSG using more of a 3-4-3 shape off-the-ball (Danilo dropping next to the CBs) is that it offloads some of the pressing burden from PSG’s front 3 onto the wing-backs. This suits Mendes and Hakimi as both are phenomenal athletes. The duo pressed superbly vs Real Madrid.

This was the first great tactical performance from Mauricio Pochettino at PSG. He has gotten a LOT of criticism from football fans, including me. He deserves a ton of credit for Tuesday’s game. Could have easily been 3-0 with a bit more luck. Proper masterclass with total control all over the pitch.

Lionel Messi

I don’t seem to have seen the same Messi as many other people last night. To clarify: I thought he was excellent first half and good second. PSG’s problem all night until *that* Mbappe finish was that they couldn’t finish at all, including Messi’s penalty kick.

Messi did a fine job orchestrating and sucking in Real Madrid defenders. PSG having so many decent chances with Real Madrid playing like a scrappy relegation club was mad impressive, honestly.

Marco Verratti and Danilo in Midfield

Marco Verratti often attempts the most progressive passing option available to him, yet he still retains possession to an absurdly high level too. He simultaneously offers creativity and control with elite defensive skills on top.

That’s what makes him such a unique midfielder. His reading of the game out on defense so underrated, intercepts a lot of passes. I believe he would’ve been an all timer if not of the injuries he’s had in his career.

PSG’s two most important players in their tactical setup last night were probably Danilo and Verratti. Verratti was 100% responsible for PSG’s progression of the ball, plus those duels in midfield were just excellent

Danilo spent more than half his time on the pitch slotting in as a RCB. He would most likely start again in the return leg. Pin Vinicius with a 1V1 specialist in defending like Danilo which enabled their young flying wing backs attack space and Verratti control the middle of the park in a 2 rather than a 3 Midfield set up. Pure Masterclass from coach Mauricio Pochettino.

Kylian Mbappe

Once in a while, the right blend of balance, height, technique, intelligence, physique and explosiveness comes along and football is blessed with a talent of such breathtaking capacity. Such extreme skills that the game bends towards them, like a reed in the evening wind.

Arched towards destiny, towards highlight reels and compelling headlines. 90th minute screamers, late dinners between magnates, banners of love raised in the stands, front page spreads in foreign papers, an entire nation waiting for your arrival, history dividing right in front of our eyes. Kylian Lottin Mbappé ; Time will tell, but he’s shifting the narratives. What a player.


Is there any room for nuance anymore? Real Madrid getting hammered by many of their own fans, others quick to slate Messi. Maybe the answer isn’t on the extremes of the arguments?

Rage and extremism define Football Fans these days. Fandom has taken an odd veer into something almost akin to fanaticism. I feel like it was bearable for a while, but just recently it seems to be incredibly dramatic.

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