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Cameroon Elite One players to earn at least 100k monthly

Cameroon Elite One players to earn at least 100k monthly - Banner advertising service

Cameroon Elite One and Guinness Super League (female) players to earn at least 100k XAF monthly starting from this 2021/2022 season

In a communique released by FECAFOOT acting general secretary, Benjamin Didier Banlock, Cameroon Elite One Championship and Guinness Super League (female) footballers will now be paid at least 100,000 XAF monthly 

The communique according to Benjamin Didier Banlock goes by;

“In view of the launching of the 2021-2022 sports season, a quadripartite meeting was held on 24th January 2022 at the FECAFOOT headquarters in Tsinga-Yaoundé between FECAFOOT and the following: the Association of Elite Clubs of Cameroon (ACEC), the Association of Women Football Clubs (ANPPCFF), and the National Union of Cameroonian Footballers (SYNAFOC), duely represented by their presidents; Mr Pascal ABUNDE, Mr Thomas AWA, and Mr Gérémi NJITAP respectively.

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The following resolutions were adopted:

1. A joint committee (representing men’s and women’s football clubs, players’ representatives and FECAFOOT) will be set up to continue the reflection in other to draw up a Collective Agreement for football careers before the 2022-2023 season and other measures necessary for the improvement of the working conditions of football players and coaches.

2. An insurance policy covering players and football workers in and out of training sessions and during their match journeys will be contracted by clubs whilst FECAFOOT will subscribe an insurance policy to cover the players during the Championships matches.


3. A minimum wage for the 2021-2022 season was fixed at CFAF 100,000 for the player of League 1 and the Guinness Super League, and CFAF 50,000 for the player of League 2. The salaries of the coaches shall be determined by the joint commission aforementioned.

4. The Clubs are to present a certificate of solvency equivalent to at least one month’s salary certified by a bank and must pay all salaries to players throughout the duration of the Championship.

5. Each club and its salaried staff shall be effectively registered with the NSIF as from the 2022-2023 season.

6. A statement of account with support documents must be produced by all the clubs before the 2nd instalment of the subsidy paid by FECAFOOT.

7. The transformation of clubs into private companies or enterprises will be a sine qua

non condition to take part in the Professional Championships of the 2022-2023 season.

8. FECAFOOT commits to execute all rulings of the judicial bodies. The Clubs and Players agree to seek for amicable settlements before any referral to the National Dispute Resolution Chamber.

The resolutions were signed today, 25th January 2022, by all the stakeholders gathered around FECAFOOT President ETO’O Fils Samuel in the conference room of the FECAFOOT headquarters building in Tsinga-Yaoundé.”

This is a communique realized by FECAFOOT acting general secretary, Benjamin Didier Banlock

It should be noted that, Cameroon Elite footballers have suffered from the hands of unpaid salaries to very low wages as low as 25000 XAF in the last couple of years. This made things difficult for an elite footballer to be unable  to rent even a one room house for themselves without another hustle. Some elite players even complaint of not being able to purchase their own football boots.

Could this be a new dawn for Cameroon Football and footballers?

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