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Cameroon 2-1 Burkina Faso Post-Match Tactical Analysis

Cameroon 2-1 Burkina Faso Post-Match Tactical Analysis - Banner advertising service

AFCON 2021: Cameroon 2-1 Burkina Faso Post-Match Tactical Analysis as the host nation took home all three points to stay top of group A.

The opening match of the AFCON 2021 hosted by Cameroon saw the host nation come from behind to win Burkina Faso 2-1 after an error from Andre Onana lead to Gustavo Sangare’s Opener. 

We at BraggsSports have re-watched the match over and over again and here we lay down our tactical assessment of the game with emphasis on the Cameroon indomitable lions.

One thing football fans don’t understand – Football Philosophy

A philosophy is a theory, principle or an idea of the way you see the game. Tactics are adjustments to put the said philosophy or theory into application in such a way that it can suit the individual strengths of the players in the squad or the starting XI. It’s not the other way around. That is the way it still works. And that’s why there are only a few elite managers in the world and lots and lots of good ones.

Cameroon shouldn’t rush to make any conclusions from yesterday’s game. The way we played requires a certain minimal standard from the back 3 and midfield. I think this is why Samuel Oum Gouet started ahead of Hongla. Zambo Anguissa and Pieere Kunde are the only natural ball circulators too in this Indomitable lions Squad.

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This is also why this team [Cameroon indomitable lions] always struggle in the early stages. Specificity requires specific quality. And to think Ngamaleu is the only real wing back we have. Fai Would’ve been a good option at Right Wing Back with Ngamaleu at the other side though.

How Antonio Conceicao sees a player and Cameroon’s Main problem

Look at how Antonio Conceicao sees a player. Considers workload when considering attacking efficiency. How many analysts/tacticians consider such things when evaluating players?

This Cameroon vs Burkina Faso match is a justification of the idea that this team still lacks quality in midfield and must look to repeat the same trick prioritizing tactical quality over big names on a bigger and better scale.

Our [Cameroon] football is all about ideas and its execution. Cameroon has a specific idea of how she wants to play which requires specific quality for which she does not have an abundance of. This is the main reason I respect Antonio Conceicao’s in game managements.

The only coach in the AFCON that I have seen successfully blend his ideas on the pitch with his own ideas was Hervé Renard, the man who won it for Ivory Coast in 2015. Do Cameroon operate with a Plan B? No. Conseçaõ’s main problem.


The Importance of having Proper Wingers and Wing backs

This game [Cameroon 2-1 Burkina Faso] is highlighting how helpful proper wingers/wing backs are to our [Cameroon] attacking fluidity. Karl Toko / Ngamaleu hasn’t been much better. Attack needed help but didn’t get it along with the midfield not being able to slow the game down or control it in any way.

Vincent Aboubakar’s link up was so underrated yesterday because of the wasted chances. And honestly, I could blindly praise Antonio Conceicao for his cautious approach and it had be the easiest way to rack up huge numbers on the platform right now but I don’t see the point in being disingenuous. I still like him.

Zambo Anguissa?

Being a huge admirer of him, I will say I was a bit disappointed with Zambo Anguissa. He was not just bad, he was paying no respect for the opposition or his team. Antonio Conceicao was right there besides him watching him play like it was a Saturday afternoon kick about with the boys.

There are minimal standards in a professional game. Was about to give Burkina a goal. You can stink it up but still give 100% commitment and application. Tolo, Fai, Aboubakar etc gave it a toast. It’s not just about Zambo playing bad, it’s that he was absolutely paying no respect to the opposition.

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Toko Ekambi?

Toko Ekambi seems to always have concentration and decision making issues in this indomitable lions team. Probably stemming from not having had the best tactical education or not heeding to it or something else.

Also, he [Toko] struggles to recognize basic decisive moments in the final third despite possessing good dribbling ability and an abundance of pace. All mental.

Cameroon’s lack of control vs Burkina Faso

The lack of control in this Indomitable lions team performance stems from silly moments from the likes of Toko Ekambi, Zambo Anguissa (especially). It’s why technical security and quality was focused on so heavily by the coach post game interview.

Make no mistake, Zambo is clearly talented, and people often describe him as a player who looks like he has all the time in the world on the ball, and that trait is clear in moments, but AFCON football is a different game. Serie A teams struggle to press due to a lack of physical quality. Not here at the AFCON.

Attitude only gets you so far. Zambo was bad technically and was exposed physically by Bertrand Traoré despite not playing in his regular position (RW). Technical and physical errors like the one Zambo made ruins the sustainment of pressure – this is why Pierre Kunde was hooked.

Pierre Kunde was so high up. Couldn’t maintain same tempo for 90mins. Got exhausted surely why he got subbed. And Vincent Aboubakar links play by showing to fit in, means he needs ball carriers (Zambo Anguissa) and he can hold players off due to his physicality even though being inconsistent technically such as ball-striking, close control. Choupo Moting can do the technical things but not the physical things. This is AFCON, Antonio Conceicao choosed  physicality.


And on a real statement, AFCON has really proved that there’s not much to talk on a tactical level. It’s all individuality with structure/patterns of play. That’s why post game analysis are mostly individual based. Maybe most North Africans do coz they’re always assembled earlier.

Also the teams don’t have much chemistry because they play very few games during preparations. Something which needs sorting. Europeans, Americans, etc do have like 2weeks gatherings before competitions. Not much tactics in Afcon football. If you like no chop Fufu and Eru before match, body go tell you.

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