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Top 5 Best Sports Websites in Cameroon

Top 5 Best Sports Websites in Cameroon

As the AFCON approaches in Cameroon, let take a look at the Top 5 Best Sports Websites in Cameroon where you can get your AFCON 2022 updates 

Cameroon has been widely known in Africa for reproducing some of the best sports men in Africa and the world at large.

As a result, sports in Cameroon as a whole has actually surpassed the primary means of entertainment or information which were through watching it live from the field or arena, through a television or a published magazine or newspaper.

The birth of web based reporting in Cameroon or blogging as it is normally called has taken things to the next level. There are now numerous sports websites each with its own motives on what to report on. That is to say some are mainly football based, while others basketball based and so are some which deal with general sports and analysis.

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Today, Cameroon sports enthusiast such as fans, bettors, analyst etc can access the wide variety of data regarding the sports of their choice through websites and most especially the best websites that provide sports related news or articles per a given country, league, tournament or even a player’s/ athlete’s data and or statistics.

With football being the dominant Sports in Cameroon, it is not surprising that most of the top 5 sports websites to be listed here will mainly be talking about football.

After we at BraggsSports conducted a series of researches, here are the top 5 best sports websites in Cameroon;


When it comes to Cameroon football news, Cfootmag is the best.The sports website has been existing for over 5 years now.

Cfootmag cover not just football news around Cameroon but also Cameroon footballers playing abroad as well as African football news.

Cfootmag has continued to cover Cameroon Elite 1 and Elite 2 nonstop. With over 250k followers on the various social media channels, there is no doubt Cfootmag is the best sports website in Cameroon.

Cfootmag is a destination for pure Cameroon football online coverage. They have got some of the best football journalist and photographers in Cameroon.

However cfootmag only publishes content in French and their site does not have any translation property and the site is a bit slow.



BraggsSports is one of the youngest sports sites in Cameroon and  maybe the youngest in the list of the top 5 best sports website in Cameroon.

If you are looking for a place to get football analysis as well as Elite One players stats, table of standing, fixtures etc or informative football content look no further than BraggsSports.

The two man managed website is solely focused on football analysis, promoting/exposing talents with minor concerns about other sports.

The Cameroon base website covers information about all aspects of some top division football leagues in Europe (England, Spain, Germany, France and Italy) and Africa (Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana), National Competitions like African Cup of Nations, Euro and World Cup as well as other sports like Basketball, Boxing and MMA/UFC, Volleyball and Handball.

Although BraggsSports is mainly focused on Cameroon football specifically the Cameroon Elite One championship and other Cameroon sports, the website also brings you all about world football such as upcoming fixtures, match day results, players stats, Pre-match analysis, post-match reactions and tactical analysis (Eyoh Talks), transfer rum ours, done deals, match highlights and many more.

BraggsSports is equally a ground to market (launching athletes into celebrity status) young sports talents around Cameroon, Africa, Europe and the world at large. They believe Talents have been wasted or never have made their DREAMS come TRUE in the past due to financial instability amongst youths and families.

The website is just over 1 year old and with over 3k followers on the various social media, BraggsSports is no doubt one of the best in Cameroon. To add, because Cameroon is a bilingual country, BraggsSports website supports both English and French with German and Spanish languages also included.


Another giant sports base site in Cameroon is kick442. The site provides Cameroon and Nigeria football news with Cameroon news being the majority.

Kick442 cover not just football news around Cameroon and Nigeria but also Cameroon and Nigerian footballers playing abroad as well as African and world football news.

Kick442 also provide news regarding interpool competitions in Cameroon. So far the website is mainly concerned with top notch football breaking news.

With over 2k followers on the various social media channels, and despite being under 5 years of existence, kick442 is already making a name for herself in the Cameroon web base sports blogging. Because Cameroon is a bilingual country, Kick442 website supports both English and French with German and Spanish languages also included.


Sportsglitz is a sports website with focus in Cameroon sports. They cover more than one sports such as football, basketball, tennis, UFC, boxing and many more.

However, although the website is focused on Cameroon sports professionals, they also provide news about athletes from other parts of the world.

Sportsglitz covers mainly events, as well as programs devoted to sports news and sports analysis.

The network has become more than just a leading sports writing on web: Sportsglitz popularity is so vast it is a force to be reckoned with in popular culture, spurring catch phrases and launching athletes into celebrity status.

To reach that stage, Sportsglitz has worked tirelessly to extend its power and influence throughout sports and entertainment. It holds broadcasting contacts with major leagues.


Pavels-sportsbiz is another giant in professional football reporting in Cameroon. The website focuses on football news by writing with professionalism with the main objective of providing the Cameroonian public and the world at large with the latest football news.

They also provide sports news on other sports such as handball, basketball, volleyball etc most essentially from Cameroon.

The Cameroon base website also brings Africa and world sports news to its fans and followers.

Pavels-sportsbiz provides top notch MTN Elite 1 and Elite 2 news.


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