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A look at some facts about Barca going to Europa league

A look at some facts about Barca going to Europa league - Banner advertising service

After being relegated to the Europa League by Bayern Munich on Wednesday night, a Culer takes a look at some facts about Barca going to Europa league

After being relegated to the Europa League in a 3-0 defeat by Bayern Munich on Wednesday night as Benfica got the better of Dynamo kiev, a Culer or better still a Blaugrana fan (One of BraggsSports Analyst) has taken his time to write about some facts and positives about Barca going to Europa league.

He write;

On Clement Lenglet and Lewandowski Laughing after the game

“I’m hardly his biggest defender, but I don’t get the fuss over this image. Just because one is pictured smiling for a mini second, doesn’t give you the right to formulate contextless conclusions. You can criticize Lenglet for his performance, but no, not for this.

And these ‘pros’ know what happened more than us. Doesn’t mean they stop being humans. Fierce competitors on the pitch, humans and buddies off it. That has always been the way it is. Recall when Rakitic was excoriated for being at a festival with his family after a loss.

Clement Lenglet smiles with Lewandowski after Bayern defeat barca 3-0
Clement Lenglet smiles with Lewandowski after Bayern defeats Barca 3-0

I’m probably going to get battered for this; but, dare I say, am kinda glad we [Barca] haven’t progressed into the Champions League knockout stages. I mean, odds are, we would’ve come up against a Man City or Liverpool, and been absolutely pummeled, for the umpteenth time, in the best part of 5 years.

Financially, it’s a big blow. However, if we’re being real, we’ve probably been saved of adding yet another humiliating UCL battering, to an already rather large assemblage of them. Looking at our state right now, i wouldn’t even say that we are safe from humiliation in Europa league too, honestly.

There is a lot of joy in watching a team rebuilt. Just as a competing team, it brings excitement, expectations, disappointments, and surprises. So, it is all about having a proper mindset based on the reality of the moment, not the nostalgia of the past. The future no one knows.

Now it should be clear there are no fast fixes. No “one reason” problem. No one-man solution. Problems started to accumulate long time ago. There is absolutely nothing odd in the position FC Barcelona have fallen into now. This is where all great teams go after leaving historical marks. Of course, bad management didn’t help. Overall, it was an amazing, One in a lifetime, ride. One in a lifetime. New cycle begins now

At a time of banters, the obsession in showing off can cloud visions. Make no mistake, this club is too big to fall. What matters now is to not get it in a circus loop that extends its crisis (as I’ve seen lately). Historically, Barca tends to do so. That’s my only concern.

50% of the starters can become brilliant world class players in a year. 25% can do for now. 3-4 smart signings, with Xavi learning his craft and from the mistakes he will commit, and we can get back to UCL contender level. Forget about dominant force, no club is always so.


This is not just a thread that goes against the vibes for the sake of it. I think Barça been there many times and ridiculous proved right almost every time. We’ve been there, and the path forward is clear. One only need not to get caught in the heat and noise of the moment.

Recovery does not need to take centuries as your pundits tell you. One or two shrewd signings in January with a good medical team to trim down injuries get us to UCL spots. No doubt. Two to four more next summer and we are on the right track. And the club can do it. No question.

I didn’t really enjoy yesterday night’s CL shenanigans, it’s disappointing for me when La Liga teams are bad. And I don’t see how La Liga returns to being dominant in Europe when the tactics + finance gap with the PL increases while the gap with other big 5 leagues decreases.

I’m a lot more disappointed with the Sevilla result than the Barça one, though. With Barça, you can at least blame the gross mismanagement both on and off the pitch, but Sevilla is a well-run, efficient project with probably one of the best directors in the sport, yet they still failed. That’s even more worrying.

On the bright side, Griezmann is performing for Atletico Madrid and I imagine he’ll be made permanent by them so that’s €40M + original budget for next season. Would seriously consider selling Ter Stegen and bring Andre Onana home or at least make him have a competition which would probably add another 40-50M.

I’d guess that’s around 100-140M transfer budget, which could get us a pretty long way along with some free transfers. Süle, Christensen and Rüdiger are all interesting options in defence with expiring contracts, for example.

Individually, Barcelona’s quality has dipped but is still very good. Perhaps not in every position but overall they still have enough to at least be competitive domestically. That’s why I think Xavi can still do good things with them. Others have done more with a lot less.

Looking at Spanish teams and even those in the Europa League, how many have significantly stronger fully fit XIs? I’d wager not that many. So once they start playing better as a collective and Xavi instills whatever principles he wants to instill, they’ll do reasonably well.

It’s easy to throw out names. It’s always the same story. Pull a ‘X is for sale for xM’ and the journal is getting sales. Pull a tactical series and it’d not even get half of the sales. Kids like old socios, doesn’t matter. Peak example with Frenkie De Jong . We don’t go mainstream here.

Another factor is that the catalan media is very reactionary and especially against the foreigners. It’s not logical that he was listed in less than 24 hours after the game. And even less logical that Gerad would know about it.

Man United fans mocking Barca for being relegated to Europa?

No way Man United fans are joining Bayern, Real Madrid and many others in smoking Barça for being relegated to Europa, they played 3 CL k/o ties since 2014 and are regular Europa customers especially in defeat. This is really bold of them to be mocking Barça forgetting that their club has been irrelevant in the UCL since 2008.

Chelsea fans survived Europa league TWICE. Liverpool fans as well survived, lost one final as well. Man United fans survived in, literally lost the finals last season. Respect respect respect man.

And one last thing; where are you people who said Messi was hOlDiNg BaRcElOnA bAcK and not letting other players shine? You dolts just open your mouths and set free opinions that your mind has never interacted with.

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