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Eyoh Talks Post Match Reactions and Analysis Tactical Analysis UEFA Champions League

Atletico Madrid 2-3 Liverpool Post Match Reactions

Atletico Madrid 2-3 Liverpool Post Match Reactions - Banner advertising service

UEFA Champions League: Atletico Madrid 2-3 Liverpool Post Match Reactions and tactical analysis

The laziness of so many observers and pundits regarding Atlético Madrid is incredible. There’s far more to Diego Simeone’s team than work rate and dark arts – they’re an intelligent, functional team that has a large dose of quality to compliment their foundational competencies. They [pundits and some fans] have this preconceived notion that Atletico Madrid only exemplify a boring defensive football.

People disregard Atletico Madrid every time in the Champions League due to their brand of football but they’ll always remain one of the big dogs as long as Diego Simeone is in charge. League form doesn’t factor into the Champions League KO’s as it’s entirely down to the approach taken. That’s why it’s special.
By approach what I mean is that Atletico Madrid , Chelsea, Juventus all have to chase games in their respective leagues whereas in the Champions League KO’s, they can afford to play on the back foot, against the tide of play. It’s an easy approach, especially when u got quality. Look at the 3 peat of Real Madrid. Check their league form in those years, you’ll understand better what I mean.
This is how good it is when the best teams in Europe play against each other. Maybe, just bear with me, perhaps, possibly, we could work out a way for that to happen more regularly – The Super League?
The problem (although u might understand what I’m trying to say) is that the phrase ‘the best teams in Europe’ is a problematic concept. Once you abstract that idea and try to make something concrete from it, it falls apart. The current configuration gives us enough.

Liverpool Made things difficult for themselves against Atletico Madrid

Even when Liverpool get a lifeline they nearly threw it away. What a daft performance. Liverpool rushed the play all game as opposed to sustaining pressure.
They played into the chaotic nature of Atletico Madrid style which prevented Liverpool’s ability to sustain attacks – that was an immature outing. Liverpool always make it difficult for themselves against Atletico Madrid when it doesn’t need to be so difficult.

Atletico Madrid’s Rodrigo de Paul Line-Breaking passes pose Liverpool trouble

Rodrigo de Paul can be a game-changing buy for Atletico Madrid if he keeps producing performances like vs Liverpool. As he’s showed for Argentina, he provides the work rate that Diego Simeone wants but his capacity to carry the ball and play line-breaking passes, can help Atletico Madrid play more expansively. I think Jurgen Klopp might have under played the big size of the pitch on an unchanged team. Liverpool were really poor out of possession. Struggling to close spaces.
Fact of the matter is Liverpool wouldn’t have conceded either of those goals with Gini Wijnaldum on the pitch. It’s easy to say now, but he was as strong as an ox physically and a constant presence in that Liverpool midfield. Keita is comparatively lightweight in many ways.
Wijnaldum solved problems before they became one and made the entire unit more compact so the entire team was better defensively. It’s really obvious he’s 20x the defensive player Keita is and ever will be.

Diego Simeone’s 5:3:2 Tactics worked, didn’t it?

Liverpool’s goals were two long shots (one deflection) – not high quality chances, but more so created from nothing moments. Incredible finish from Keita though, individually brilliant – but the Diego Simeone 5:3:2 (best shape to block space) really worked.

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Liverpool’s move to attacking 8’s has them more potent in attack but in the long term I think it gives teams who sit and counter a greater chance to nab results, especially if Salah’s form is not sustained. Their ‘hoofball’ era was weaker in attack but imperious in defence.

Atletico Madrid 2-3 Liverpool Post Match Reactions
Atletico Madrid 5:3:2 Formation vs Liverpool in the Champions League

Virgil Van Dijk Criticisms?

Virgil Van Dijk deserves and is not immune to criticism. He is been poor especially by his own standards but I’m seeing criticism levelled at him for being ‘too casual’ as if it’s a deliberate choice. Obviously doesn’t go out and think, ‘Yep, let me look cool and calm today’
His positional sense/reading of the game is off, his reactions are slower too. The new system means Liverpool face chances not protected by a pragmatic midfield three including Gini Wijnaldum on his side.

I have this theory that Virgil Van Dijk defensive strengths are rooted in playing as a LCB. People think that LCB and RCB are interchangeable but they’re quite different. Split the pitch vertically. When VVD crosses to the RHS, he’s weaker – because of the angles he has to defend at.

When you think about some of the memorable moments Virgil Van Dijk has struggled in the past, you see the pattern. Sane/Messi has seemed to get the better of Virgil Van Dijk often. The Suárez goal. Griezmann’s yesterday. Martial’s goal. And why he’s looked weaker recently too.


Diego Simeone Criticisms?

In before a lazy British pundit complains: Diego Simeone runs down the tunnel on the final whistle of almost every la liga game (If u actually watch the league). It’s not a lack of respect for Klopp or being a sore loser

He says he prefers to seek them out post-match, not in the heat of the moment on the touchline. I wouldn’t do it that way if it were me and wouldn’t be too happy if he did it to me as an opposition coach, but it’s not part of an issue he has with Klopp specifically.

Simeone sprints away at full time like 95% of every game. Win, draw or lose. Opposite coaches know about it and Klopp certainly does. He’s done it for a decade, longer than any other top coach has been in any job
BT Sports really should do some thorough reading about teams who come from outside Europe right before the UCL nights so that we do not have to hear some absolute lazy punditry filled information and facts which are not true and does not make any sense after the game.


A very impressive win for Liverpool. There aren’t many more difficult games than Atletico  Madrid away with the Metropolitano full and rocking. The reds weren’t great. It would be very difficult to assert yourself on this game. They were resilient and ruthless. They did enough.

They’re averaging 3 goals per game over 12 games this season. They’ve missed and/or rotated Thiago, Henderson, Jota, Fabinho, Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Robertson, Minamino, Konaté, Keita, Milner, Elliott, Jones, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Tsimikas, Gomez and Firmino. This is the power of strength in depth

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