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The State of Modern Football Analytics

The State of Modern Football Analytics - Banner advertising service

Football Analytics: The State of Modern Football Analytics Industry and Why Data experts are becoming football’s best signings in recent times

Many fans are still rebuking the role of analytics in football. This is normal as it’s the natural reaction towards innovation. Football has for long been about enjoyment and the role of data analysis is still very new, not only for fans, clubs too.

How much should be paid attention to analytics?

Many clubs are still reluctant to use analytics and data analysis as it requires to pay at least one more employee: The world of data analysis is still a world full of question for so many, still a mysterious for most

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The divide between analytics and “eye-to-eye” test.

Since analytics has been popularized, there’s been a divide between those using “spreadsheets” to analyze football while most prefer visual analysis. But it’s also a divide that should never have been one.

Why the divide exists?

I mentioned in the first paragraph that it’s natural to rebuke innovation: It’s very similar in this case, too. Its not the conventional way, similar to the introduction of smartphones. It’s a new way of seeing football, and therefore traditionalist rejected it.

How do you merge data analysis and eye-to-eye test?

It should always be. How? By verifying whether a thesis of the one department confirms the other. Patterns that can be observed with data should be observed visually, too. There shouldn’t be much discrepancy in conclusion.


It doesn’t make sense to divide the two. Talking about football without watching doesn’t make sense, it takes a lot away and will lead to false conclusions. Not using the latest resources to update newer scouting methods that help pick the right target is wasting resources.

Metrics (Data Analytics) need better exposure;

Most football or sports media have not picked up on the latest metrics because of point #1 [Data Analytics]. As a consequence, fans haven’t had the chance to see what metrics really means.
In most cases, fans aren’t even aware what the metrics are. And that’s scary.

Metrics (Data Analytics) need better explanation;

There’s a lot of resources, but it’s very new. Since they were barely accessible, most fans couldn’t get access. There are VERY good articles explaining those metrics but they have very LOW exposure.

The Divide between watching for fun and analysis;

Most assume us, analytics folks, don’t watch for fun. i have been asked/said this a lot, and I can happily deny that claim. Many only watch the replay serious. Others, like me, can find a balance between observation and enjoyment.

The question which remains is whether you watch for fun or not, as a football fan, you watch the game but can you analyze (visual Analysis) it? Football Visual analysis has  broad term base which at least 90% of football fans do not know even 30% of these terms coupled with the way of viewing the game. This is what we do at BraggssSports – help you analyze football matches visually and partly through data analytics. - Banner advertising service

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