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Ronnie Brunswijk: Suriname vice president’s highlights for Inter Moengotapoe vs Olimpia

Ronnie Brunswijk: Suriname vice president's highlights for Inter Moengotapoe vs Olimpia - Banner advertising service

Ronnie Brunswijk, 60, the vice president of Suriname, went viral earlier this week in one of the craziest sporting stories of the year.

The vice president of Suriname, 60, decided to dust off his football boots and play for the club he owns, Inter Moengotapoe.

It wasn’t any ordinary game that Brunswijk decided to play in.

The match that he decided to start himself for was in the last-16 of the CONCACF League, the North America and the Caribbean’s version of the Europa League, against Honduras side Olimpia.

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So it was a big game.

Donning the number 61 jersey – representing the year in which he was born – Brunswijk took to the pitch wearing the captain’s armband.

He started in midfield as he looked to control the game against his opponents.

But how did he get on?

According to Wikipedia, Brunswijk completed 14 of 17 passes during his 54 minutes on the pitch.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t prevent his side being smashed 6-0.

His highlights from the game have now been compiled by Twitter user @JMNDComps and they are pure comedy. Watch them below:

Brunswijk’s movement could do with some work. He barely left the centre of the pitch.

He was dispossessed on a few occasions while some of his passing left a lot to be desired.

He did, however, whip in a decent cross from a set-piece and a chipped through ball nearly came off.

It must be said, though, that it’s not a surprise that they succumbed to such a heavy defeat.

Inter Moengotapoe will need a miracle when they face Olimpia in the second leg.

They will be without Brunswijk, though.

That’s because, according to Marca, the 60-year-old is currently wanted by Interpol for ‘drug trafficking’ and thus can’t leave Suriname.

How Inter Moengotapoe will get on without Brunswijk in midfield remains to be seen.

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