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Can Cameroon football Philosophy be renovated from street football terms?

Can Cameroon football Philosophy be renovated from street football terms? - Banner advertising service

Can Cameroon football Philosophy be renovated from street football terms?: Can Cameroon football terms get standardized if Eto’o or Geremi becomes Fecafoot President?

BraggsSports talks Cameroon football philosophy and whether it can or should be renovated/standardized to have its own philosophy amidst Legends of the game such as Geremi Njitap and Samuel Eto’o haven submitted their candidacy for the Presidency of Cameroon Football (FECAFOOT) to bring in positive change to the nations football.

In world football today, a lot of terms used international or national by many analyst, journalist, football writers and everything that patterns to football were all formulated to serve as a philosophy and standadized by the said nation from whom the term arises from.

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Have you ever heard of terms like mediapunta, Mediocentro, Trequartista, Libero, Regista tc? Of course you haven’t maybe. They are all Spanish-Italian football terms standardized to them and now to the world to serve a purpose like e now use in football analysis, reporting etc.

As a guy from the streets (street/quarter footballer), I feel like Cameroon football should have its own unique base philosophy. We should innovate and create our own system of things. Like a numbering system, for instance. Schools of thought. Legitimize names given to roles and positions, and terms we use like “Lato = full-back” , “Nzolo” = Nutmeg Standardized.

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There’s nothing Mediapunta, Libero and Trequartista are doing that our own terms can’t. I know it will take a lot for stuff like this to actually come alive but it’s a thought anyway. It all starts with legitimizing our own way of seeing the game. If ‘Tchakap’ by Song could go global, why not “Lato”?

Of course, success is the best way to legitimize and export but it must always be based on an already laid foundation. Cameroon football already have a very rich trophy cabinet. In every generation we won something. Even Benjamin Moukandjo’s era (one of the most worse version of Cameroon footballing era) won theirs. That’s underrated.


Cameroon football has been known to have its unique numbering system that was probably developed on the streets, but everyone discards it in serious discussion. Should they?

There are things developed on the streets and in our everyday football over the years that would definitely bang in if standardized. But you have to have legit schools of thought and ideas that are proven to work for that to happen, stuff unique to us. Then export.

Maybe it’s TIME

Time to compile a dictionary of Cameroon football terms. If Eto’o becomes president of Cameroon football federation, we’re probably getting more exposure. Time to use them terms like ‘nzolo’, ‘Lato’, ‘mesh’, ‘big hand’, ‘mbunja’ etc. Footy will be mad interesting lads. We’re getting there.

I wish I had witnessed the Cameroon football era of the late 70’s and the entire 80’s. Everything about that era screams “excitement”. And the clips I’ve seen tell me those ballers we had were exceptional.

Wish I had witnessed Roger Milla, Abega, Tataw Steven, Makanaki (I like that name so so much), etc. Did read some stories on how close we were during those days to make the world cup finals, but countries like England didn’t let us do.

Has anyone written any book on Cameroon football in the 80’s? I’m talking about firsthand accounts from journalists who followed/covered the Cameroon League closely and the national team at international tournaments? Has anyone written anything? Nothing at all according to my searches from google. I am not letting that happen again, BraggsSports is here and here for a reason.

Is there a country in Africa with 3/4 of the African Ballon D’or? – None.

Can Cameroon football Philosophy be renovated from street football terms?Cameroon has Six different male players to have ever won the African Ballon  D’or (some winning it more than once) and one female to have done so too.

Yet Cameroon football is not even recognized even in our own Africa. CAF rankings of the best African Leagues came out and Cameroon was no where to be found amongst the TOP 10 Best Leagues in Africa. And surely not even still amongst the Top 15 nor 20 maybe.

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It is time Cameroonians take their football seriously. First and foremost a great footballing mind like Geremi Njitap or Samuel Eto’o be the leading chairman of the football federation.

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