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Top 5 best managers in world football in 2021

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Football Managers Ranked: Top 5 best managers in world football in 2021 including honorable mentions from Nation team football

Football is not a binary sport. You don’t necessarily win when you have a good squad. You need someone to manage a club’s players, and some of the best teams in the history of the game have had legendary managers.

I grew up in an era where football managers would often deflect questions and hesitate before telling the truth. It’s great to watch the managers of today being confident and concise – it speaks volumes about the confidence they have in their own ability and understanding of their players.

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BraggsSports going to focus more on domestic club managers in this particular column, because international football is a completely different monster. All the managers on this list have either achieved sustained success or have had a profound influence on world football in 2021.

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Here is my take on the Top 5 best managers in world football in 2021

#5 Diego Simeone

With 8 trophies to his name, Diego Simeone is one of the most decorated managers in the game’s history and the most decorated manager in Atletico Madrid’s history. He’s won everything there is to win in European football except the Champions League where he led the team to two Champions League finals (2014, 2016) but did not succeed.

In a La Liga season which we saw close battle between Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid, Diego Simeon still managed to lead Atletico to the 2021 title, their second La Liga title under him as manager.

Diego Simeon’s challenge at Atletico Madrid this term will be to defend their 2021 La Liga title as well as win a Champions League considering he has a great squad full of super stars. just like last term.

Diego Simeon there make our list of the top 5 best managers in world football in 2021.

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#4 Thomas Tuchel

It wasn’t easy to choose between my third and fourth choices on this list, because Thomas Tuchel has just won the UEFA Champions League and has excelled at Chelsea. He doesn’t have a massive amount of success when you compare him to someone like Mourinho, but he could potentially become one of the greatest managers of all-time in the future.

Tuchel is a manager who’s capable of getting very good results from a good team. He’s changed the way his Chelsea players think and speak about football.

However, BraggsSports could not rank Thomas Tuchel better than in fourth because his Chelsea squad is full of super stars.

#3 Unai Emery

The only reason I put Unai Emery above Thomas Tuchel on this list is that he’s a regular winner. You could argue that he hasn’t had much domestic success, but his achievements in cup competitions speak for themselves.

The UEFA Europa League regularly features world-class teams that have dropped down from the UEFA Champions League, and Unai Emery has done brilliantly against a handful of high-profile opponents. Emery has won three Europa Leagues with Sevilla and one with Villarreal this 2021 against Manchester United- it’s astounding that he’s achieved so much success in the competition.

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There are much better squads in La Liga at the moment, and it will be very difficult for Emery to compete for the league title. Like Thomas Tuchel, he will need to secure domestic success to become one of the best of all time.

#2 Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp had some success in Germany but he isn’t a guy who’s had tens of trophy wins. What he’s done with Liverpool, however, is a testament to his brilliance and work ethic as a football manager.

People often think great managers buy great players to build great teams. In my opinion, a great manager improves the players in his squad rather than just plugging holes in his team with the right players. Rodgers had made six signings in the summer before he was replaced, and Jurgen Klopp gave all six players an opportunity to prove themselves at the club.

Liverpool were short of the mark last season, and their misfortunes were mostly down to their injuries. They will be back up there, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they win silverware this season.


Klopp might not have won trophies this 2021, but the fact that they came from 10th to 8th to 6th and then to finishing the Premier League in 3th within just a month speaks volume in Klopp’s coaching mentality.

Just Like the case with Unai Emery winning games with a slightly poorer squad than their rivals so is Klopp, reason BraggsSports ranks Jurgen Klopp as second best manager in 2021

#1 Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola’s is not a clear-cut choice for the top spot on this list.

It’s been a fair few years since Guardiola won a Champions League. Last season’s defeat in the final would have been disappointing from Guardiola’s perspective but he will have another go at it this season.

Pep Guardiola won the 2021 Premier title with Manchester City, his 3th since joining the club.

Pep Guardiola also managed to win the 2021 Caraboa cup when the beat Tottenham 1-0.

This man knows how to dominate his leagues. You can talk about the money he’s spent, but a lot of managers spend money but don’t achieve anything. Manchester City have developed as a club since they brought Pep Guardiola to the club. To us BraggsSports Pep Guardiola is the best manager in football in 2021.

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Honorable Mentions

Note: For the honorable mentions, they don’t qualify for BraggsSports’ Top 5 best managers in world football in 2021 because they currently don’t manage clubs.

#2 Hansi Flick

I have to make a mention of Hansi Flick on this list. He took over at Bayern Munich and couldn’t do anything wrong. It was, perhaps, the purple patch of all purple patches. He doesn’t qualify for this list only because he’s not managing a club at the moment but it’ll be interesting to see how he fares with the German national team.

#1 Roberto Mancini

Roberto Mancini of Italy is another manager who was super brilliant this 2021, in my opinion. Roberto Mancini helped Italy has win the European football Championship beating England in a penalty shoot-out in the final at Wembley ending their over 50 years term with no European title.

Roberto Mancini has also helped Italy create history on Sunday after a goalless draw against Switzerland in a 2022 World Cup qualifier match, extending their unbeaten run of matches to 36. In the process, they broke Brazil and Spain’s joint record of remaining unbeaten in 35 matches.

Roberto Mancini therefore is our best honorable mention national team manager.

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