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Levante 3-3 Real Madrid post-match talking points

Levante 3-3 Real Madrid post-match talking points - Banner advertising service

Post-Match Analysis: 3 talking points from the Levante 3-3 Real Madrid Match last Sunday the 22/08/2021 in LaLiga

Levante came from behind to draw Real Madrid in a 6 goals thriller on Sunday on match day 2 of the 2021/2022 LaLiga. Here are our [BraggsSports] views from the match.

1. Vinicius Junior’s Best season to be?

Vinicius Junior probably dropped his most funniest yet best performance of all time last night. Only way the goalkeeper could stop Akpororo [Vinicius Junior] was by using his hands outside of the penalty box. He played like the goal scoring leader Real Madrid lost in Cristiano. The moment he entered the pitch, everyone else looked up to him to do something.
Honestly speaking, If he can add this quality to his finishing on a consistent basis then his ceiling is very high. His raw pace & dribbling will always get him into goalscoring areas.

Vinicius’ goals are exactly the kind of goals prime Aguero used to score. Front of the foot with a little effect. Only difference is Kün did it every weekend. The things Vinicius lack are shooting technique & scoring his chances. Will be interesting to follow his evolution this season.
He could be a tremendous player once he gains more pausa in front of goal, control over his body & a proper shooting technique. Most his shots go above the bar. Incorrect body orientation & gives it too too much power. Will be corrected with experience & playing time if he wants to be taken serious.

2. Carlos Ancelotti’s Tactics

This game sort of a perfect encapsulation of what Ancelotti’s Madrid is gonna be indeed. Far more fluid, entertaining offense but a significantly worse defensive floor thanks to downgraded personnel but also due to less organization on that end and more vulnerability in transition.
I now understand why Zidane wanted to avoid these cricket scores and bore some of us to points even if striking a better balance is fully possible.

Its only been two games yet Ancelotti’s Madrid is explicitly different from Zidane’s in terms of approach. Where Zidane would value defensive soundness first & build from it, Carlo insists on intensity & counter pressing. Which comes at a price: Fragile defensive transitions.
Except that there is no counter-pressing here. As in I believe this is his intention, but the implementation lacks. Because a team playing in an intensity based system without a counter-press is as good as jumping out of an airplane without a parachute.

Very narrow back four shape from Real last night, in defense, with the midfielders infront shuffling in-close proximity to the ball side. While this overload of the pitch on one side provides security against central progression, this shape is extremely prone to switches of play, second-post crosses, rebounds etc.
Think it’s pretty clear by now the brand of football that Carlo wants. For a system that revolves around intensity, the counter-press had to be on point. If you’re running at teams, expect to get hit back with the same speed when you lose the ball. Something to work on.

3. Levante the Robinhood of LaLiga [Giant Slayer]? 

Levante held by Real Madrid but does any team have better record than them vs. Real Madrid & Barça in recent years? Five wins (more than Atletico & Sevilla combined) & four draws now in 17 games since the 17-18 season, scoring 25 & conceding 34. Also took 4/6 points from Atlético Madrid last season. Truly they are the giant killers.

Levante are such a fun team, consistently taking points from big teams in part due to their high risk approach and directness. They embrace chaos and it is hugely unsettling for opponents. They should be made to play one of Barca/Madrid/Atletico every week
Plenty of premature obituaries written about La Liga this season but performances of Athletic Club and Levante show the strength in depth of the league. This is a genuinely competitive top-level league now and is going to be very, very tough to go on winning streaks.

With low blocks and risk minimizing football being the trend in La Liga in recent years it’s always refreshing to watch Levante maintain their all-out attack philosophy. Róber Pier is at the highest of tiers when it comes to ball progression. That’s what I learnt from that game.


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