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Reason why Barcelona failed to register Messi revealed

Reason why Barcelona failed to register Messi revealed - Banner advertising service

Reason why Barcelona failed to register Lionel Messi despite both Messi and Barcelona to have initially agreed for a deal revealed

The bombshell was dropped yesterday – Lionel Messi is no longer a Barcelona player.

Barcelona failed to register Lionel Messi because they refused to be part of a deal brokered by La Liga President Javier Tebas with CVC.

The deal would sell 10% of La Liga clubs rights for €2.7 Billion. Up to €284m would’ve come to Barcelona and Real Madrid each this summer.

According to Culer Corner @Twitter Barcelona read between the lines and said NO.

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Here are the reasons why the Catalan giants rejected such a great-looking deal:

1. Barcelona would have been indebted to the company. That means Barcelona would have to pay a total of €800m in interest for over 50 years.

2. There was a clause in the deal between La Liga and CVC that hindered Barcelona from joining the European Super League in the future.

Barcelona rejected the ‘Shylock’ offer and chose to part ways with Messi instead.

Real Madrid also are ‘not in favour’ of La Liga’s €2.7bn deal despite receiving €280m+

Real Madrid, meanwhile, are said to be strongly against the deal as they weren’t even informed about it, as per El Independiente. Besides, Papa Perez and Real Madrid plan to sue both La Liga and CVC for misappropriation of assets (the wrongful use of other’s funds in one’s care).

The deal is yet to be ratified by the vast majority of La Liga clubs. The mentioned sources note that the vote will take place next week.


Barcelona put even more pressure on Javier Tebas by releasing statement on La Liga’s €2.7bn deal with CVC

After announcing the mind blowing departure of club legend Lionel Messi yesterday, Barcelona however keeps the pressure high on La Liga president Tebas as they still have little hopes that if La Liga and Tebas could adjust things, they can still resign Messi.

Barcelona have emphasized that they’re against La Liga’s €2.7bn deal Javier Tebas had agreed on.

The club explain that their future will be doomed if they agree on it: Barcelona consider it irresponsible to value the TV rights for 40 years’ time at a similar price as today.

Barca insist that ‘signing a half-century contract’ is inappropriate.

Rejecting the deal is said to be one of the major reasons why Barca failed to register Lionel Messi, allowing him to leave.

Is Messi leaving Barca a shock to all Barcelona players and staff?

Until, now no active Barcelona player or staff has wished a farewell message to Messi other than retired Carles Puyol.

Lionel Messi’s father and agent, Jorge Messi, commented on his son’s departure from Barcelona, as announced by the club on Thursday.

“It is good for Barca that we don’t continue,” Jorge Messi was quoted as saying by Cuatro.

“It is good for Barca that we don’t continue,” Jorge Messi was quoted as saying by Cuatro.

Reports by Mundo Deportivo suggest that the president [Juan Laporta] was at the Ciutat Esportiva training centre [Barcelona training center] to explain the entire Messi saga to the first team.

It is said that Laporta spent over an hour explaining things to the player.

The president has scheduled a press conference this morning to talk about the saga.

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