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Why is Coton Sport’s Lambert Ngueme Araina underrated?

Why is Coton Sport's Lambert Ngueme Araina underrated? - Banner advertising service

Why is Coton Sport of Garoua striker Lambert Ngueme Araina so underrated and not being a sing-song in the transfer market to a better League?

Lambert Nguema Araina, 22 years old Coton Sport of Garoua striker has impressed massively this season. Lambert Ngueme Araina has not just impress locally but he has also left his mark in the CAF confederations cup as one of the most lethal finishers this 2020/2021 season.

The Coton Sport of Garoua striker has netted 19 times this season in all competitions so far in less than 30 appearance.

Break Down of Lambert Ngueme Araina Records this season

NB: With lack of data in most African Leagues, we are not able to point out some other stats held by Lambert Ngueme Araina.

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Lambert Ngueme Araina netted 7 times in 14 appearance in the CAF Cup this 2020/21season despite some other publications and CAF itself awarding the Champions Raja Casablanca’s striker B. Malango (6 goals) the top scorer award.

Here are his victims

  • UFC Sokode – 01 goal
  • Green Eagles – 01 goal
  • Sonidep – 01 goal
  • Napsa – 01 goal
  • Berkane – 01 goal
  • Jaraaf – 01 goal
  • JS Kabylie – 01 goa

MTN Elite One 

In just 8 appearances this season, Lambert Ngueme Araina has scored 9 times in the ELite one and holds the record of the most goals in the league so far.

Cameroon Cup

Lambert Ngueme Araina has scored 3 goals in the Cameroon cup to help Coton Sport be in the semi-finals.

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But why is Lambert Ngueme Araina so underrated with little or no rumours of a possible transfer?

Despite all his success this term, the Coton SPort striker Lambert Ngueme Araina is still a local name. To even think that even nation-wide he is not recognized is alarming.

The CHAN 2021 came and went, Lambert Ngueme Araina was not called up despite being fit. Until, now the 22 years old left footed striker is still waiting for his first national team call-up.

The CAF Cup has come and it is gone and still we don’t hear rumours of Lambert Ngueme Araina being linked with a move to any TOP African Club or League or even out of Africa.

Could it be that his agent (s) is (are) not doing his work well?

Could it be that Cameroonians don’t value their own super stars or that they just don’t have faith that anything good can come from this country?

Could it be that Coton Sport is so focused on team play rather than building on a certain player (Lambert Ngueme Araina), which is why his star is not felt just like Thomas Muller at Bayern Munich and Germany?

Could it be that Cameroon MTN Elite One Championship is not recognized due to lack of broadcasting African-wide and or world-wide?

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Could it be that the CAF CUP is not enough to rate a player?

Is it because Lambert Ngueme Araina is not skillful like the likes of Sadio Mane of Senegal, Jeremy Doku of Belgium, Kylian Mbappe of France, Riyad Mahrez of Algeria etc?

The questions are too many…..You can list them.

For me if you are looking for a striker with killer finishing instincts and a drive like Benzema when from midfield or like Mohamed Salah when from the wings, then it Lambert Ngueme Araina is the guy.

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