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Highest paying football clubs in Cameroon in 2021

Highest paying football clubs in Cameroon in 2021 - Banner advertising service

This article contains a list of the highest paying football clubs in Cameroon as well as reasons for low pay in the football League

Over the years, football football has been vigorously becoming even more popularly than before with the advent of digital devices which help even 10 to 15 years old kids to be able to access these content online.

Africans are widely known to be a bigger fan of the game (football/soccer). Cameroon is one of those countries in Africa which when you talk of football, they are never left aside.

Today, Football is  not just the most popular sport in Cameroon; it is an emotion. To some, it is their livelihood. To many, it is an inspiration. To most others, it is what gives them hope in the grimiest of days.

However, Cameroon football has been drastically failing to improve its standards lately. This has caused Cameroon football to fall below par.

In the sense that football is business and would require sponsors, broadcasting then comes fans, Cameroon football has failed in all these aspects.

This has affected players wages, transfer fees as well as clubs not being able to sell their gadgets just to name a few.

For over two months BraggsSports has been working to gather pay rates from various Elite One clubs just to end up with little or no concrete data.

According to FECAFOOT, the average salary of a professional footballer for season 2020/2021 in the Cameroon Elite One Championship is 36270 CFA per month.

However, according to data gathered from sources linked with two out of the 21 Elite One clubs, there is good to great player wages from these two clubs.


Here are the two highest paying football clubs in Cameroon in 2021

#1 Coton Sport of Garoua

Average player monthly wage: 150,000CFA

After acquiring a mega kit deal with Belgian clothing line Fura in 2020, its no surprise that Coton Sport is at the top of this list of highest paying Cameroon football clubs in 2021.

The Elite One giants have been on tract both business like and on-pitch like since 2019 and they are not slowing down. Currently the best club in Cameroon in all aspects of the game and management.

Sources close to the club also claim that some players receive up to 300,000CFA per month with or without bonus.

#2 Canon Sport of Yaounde

Average player monthly wage: 100,000CFA

Canon Sport came to life this season which saw them acquire many sponsors under them. They have launched their own clothing line as well as other gadgets.

The Mekok Megonda club sponsors so far include;

  • Brolli
  • Tradex

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Sources close the club says that the is a 40% bonus per game and the bonus keeps rising by 10% for every match won until a lose draw occurs, then the bonus drops back to 40% and the process repeats.

This means that many players go home with atleast 150,000CFA to 250,000CFA monthly.

As earlier mentioned, football is business, it is not surprising that Canon can now pay their players so well.

And not to forget, when players are well paid, the better their performances. There is this saying “One cannot work with an empty stomach”.

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