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Post Match Tactical Analysis: Canon 3-0 NorData

Post Match Tactical Analysis: Canon 3-0 NorData - Banner advertising service

Post Match Tactical Analysis as Canon hit 3 to 0 pass NorData in a friendly on 23/06/2021 at the CAF Center of Excellence Stadium in Mbamkomo

Canon emerged winner thanks to goals from Fils Mukete, Youbi (own Goal) and Tizie.

We at BraggsSports have watch the first half over and over and here is what we have to say from a tactical point of view.

Tactical Analysis on Canon Sport of Yaounde

Although Canon won the game with a greater margin, they were the less technically entertaining side.

Canon’s Match Playing Style

Due to the lack of enough data, I (BraggsSports) do not know what Canon’s formation was. However, from the looks of the game, it seems coach Minkreo Birwe implemented the classic 4-4-2 formation with offensive full-backs.

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Tactically speaking, the key of the classic 4-4-2 system is partnerships. The two strikers, midfield pairing, full-backs and wingers need to have a telepathic understanding of their role on the pitch.

The wide midfielders in most cases should be skillful, have pace and most essentially have a deadly accurate cross to find the striker.

Editor’s Pick

In order to help them upfront like in most other tactics, the full backs need to overlap to provide an extra attacking option while keeping in mind to instantly back track in case of a lost ball.

Key points to note when implementing the classic 4-4-2 counter-attack tactic

  • Your box-to-box midfielders must have all round skills
  • Wingers should supply crosses from the touchline.
  • Your strikers must be skilled at movements and finishing.

However, watching Canon play, I can basically say while utilizing the classic 4-4-2 formation, coach Minkreo Birwe had advice the boys to maintain a high line of play during defence while focusing on long balls from back to front-wide during offense and in some cases transitional plays.

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A high line of play with this system will add more flaws to the already flaws of a classic 4-4-2 system suppose;

  • Your opponent counter-presses so well.
  • Your opponent has a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient), mentally strong and individually superior.
  • Your opponent understands the concept of positional play (numerical advantage) – A system NorData played with but were incapable to steer up Canon players due to their low players IQ, mentality and or individual superiority.

General Flaw of the Classic 4-4-2 System

The weakness of the 4-4-2 formation is the rigidity and amount of work expected of the two central midfield players. In modern football, it’s more fashionable to have at least three players operating in and around the centre of the pitch, leaving a two-man central midfield short of bodies.

Flaws from Canon Sport of Yaounde team tactics and general player performances against NorData.

  • Poor first touch in the final third
  • Poor finishing
  • Lack of creative and flexible midfielders.
  • Average passing accuracy
  • Some of the players (especially the midfielders) have low to average rotation and acceleration ability.
  • Playing excessively on strength from the midfield during offense hinders control.
  • Inaccurate long balls.

Canon Sport of Yaounde: The good side vs NorData

  • Canon players were great tacklers and great at ball recovery.
  • Canon was great at transitions. Their ability to switch play is overwhelming.
  • Fast wingers and full-backs who prove enough crosses to the strikers.

Tactical Analysis on NorData

There is little or nothing to say much about the tactical aspects of NorData’s game.

Being the minor side, it is understandable to loss with a margin of three.

However, Nordata although being the minor side still managed to strategize with a positional playing tactic in their game against Canon, a system which is considered by many coaches as extremely difficult for low IQ players.

Building up play from the back was NorData’s main focus. However poor to average passes and distributors with no runner up-front made things difficult for Nordata to ever pass through the high playing line Canon focused on during defence.

Like I said, there is little or nothing much to point out tactically from NorData’s 3-0 defeat vs Canon as they post little or no threat to Canon up-front.

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