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Tactical Player Analysis- Eduardo Camavinga

Tactical Player Analysis- Eduardo Camavinga - Banner advertising service

Tactical Player Analysis: The Reasons why every European big club wants 18 years old Rennes’ midfielder Eduardo Camavinga

Eduardo Camavinga is a French footballer born to Angolan Parents in Angola. He came through the Stade Rennais FC Academy.

Eduardo Camavinga his Ligue 1 debut at the age of 16 years against Angers.

At 18 years old, he has become ne of the most exciting midfield prospects in world football.

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Camavinga is the youngest player to win a full international cap for France in the last 10 years.

Eduardo Camavinga is ranked the 107th player with the most minutes played in Ligue 1 this passed 2020/2021 season. At this age in Europe’s top five leagues, you don’t get that much minutes unless you are very good.


Like in England, the only teenager to have had more minutes is Arsenal’s Bokayo Saka who is one more year older than Camavinga. In Spain we have Barcelona’s 18 years old Pedri who is made more minutes too.

Tactical Player Analysis- Eduardo Camavinga

Eduardo Camavinga’s previous season Stats

Camavinga is in the Elite company for stats and dribbles completed while his passes help moves the ball five or more yards into the opposition’s penalty area. His pressure index is also actually high.

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But How Does Camavinga Play?

To highlight a players playing style, it suffices to look at how the the club plays tactically and formationally as well.

Rennes generally usually line-up in a 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3 while at times they use two-man midfield in a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-4-2 double pivot system.

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Camavinga is known for playing on the right of the midfield for each instance.

Rennes play a Zippy kind of tiki-taka full of quick, short passes with interchanging of positions.

Eduardo Camavinga is very crucial at moments when Rennes starts playing a front foot due to his ability to execute successfully.

Camavinga is known for his transitional plays. He is the one who drops back from midfield to defence, collects the ball turns and brings it out into attack.

Camavinga excels so well in tight spaces thanks to his quick feet, exceptional dribbling and control which helps him burst through opposition’s presses or cause a freekick.

He is very good at taking the ball under pressure even when it is hit or passed to him very hard.

His dribbling prowess makes him very press resistance, should we not say he looks like a young Moussa Dembele in his Tottenham prime?

If you need a player who is constantly searching space upfront from midfield or midfield flanks, it is Camavinga. He is constantly looking to play forward or carry it through the lines even if there is more than one opposition player challenging him.

The fact that Eduardo Camavinga is a left footed player playing on the right enables him to drive vertically, think of Bale, Di Maria, Ozil in their early days at Madrid or Messi in this case.

Eduardo Camavinga in Defensive Phases

Defensively Camavinga is excellently. He often adopts a wide crouching stance before lunging forward when the ball is slightly further from the opponents’ feet.

Reports says that Camavinga as a child is a fan of Judo and has accomplished in that domain. This might explain his balance, elasticity and ability to dive and then bounce back to his feet.

Camavinga would fit in many styles of play as he is also a committed presser thanks to his dynamism and energy.

Numbers don’t lie. Just by looking at his shots (creating actions), Camavinga could potentially grow into an attacking force. His ability to build up play is so high that he stands there with the elites. This could be the reason why he has not yet registered much in terms of goals and assist (A factor many use to underrate Messi’s influence on the game when he is not scoring or assisting).


Stats where Camavinga should improve on

  • He is still needs to add more accuracy to his passing and control though.
  • Defensively, his numbers for blocks and interceptions are low. He needs to work more on that.

Camavinga Can Fit Into Any Elite Coach’s System

The fact that Camavinga can play two midfield positions and even more forward roles except the 10 means he would fit in many teams and coaches’ system.

  • Do you need a press-resistant defensive midfielder in a double pivot? Then call Camavinga.
  • Do you need an aggressive flank midfielder who carries the ball brilliantly and keeps the opposition constantly on the back foot (pushing backwards)? then call Camavinga.
  • Are you looking for an energetic screener who will win the ball all games and then open it up from long range? Camavinga is the guy.
  • Passes, dribbling? Eduardo Camanvinga can be any of them.

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