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Cameroon cup: Tonnerre emerges winner over Caiman

Cameroon cup: Tonnerre emerges winner over Caiman - Banner advertising service

Tonnerre Kalara wins Caiman in a 4-3 penalty shootout in the round of 16 as they will face Coton Sport in the round of 8 of the Cameroon Cup

Tonnerre Kalara club of Yaounde on the 12th of June secured their place in the round of 8th in a thrilling 4-3 penalty shootout against Caiman of Douala in the Cameroon Cup. The thrilling encounter between the two however ended with a 2-2 draw.

Tonnerre Kalara will now have to face an inform Coton Sport of Garoua in the round of 8th of the Cameroon cup in Bertoua on the 15th of June.

Tonnerre Kalara Club on their official Facebook page congratulated the once falling club and its players for going this far in the Cameroon Cup.

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Here is what is written on Tonnerre’s Facebook page on the kalara Boys’ performance;

Result Cameroon Cup: 16th of the Cameroon Cup Final – The Kalara Boys win 4-3 after a dantesque shootout!

Yaounde’s Kalara Club thunder faced Douala’s Caiman at Bamendzi Stadium in Bafoussam for the 16th final of the Cameroon Cup this Saturday at 13:00.

This poster with historical accents for the oldest of us, was an opportunity for Mvog Ada Club to confirm the Kalara Boys’ rise in form during this special times of Covid-19;


Despite a very pleasant encounter during which the two teams took their shots, at the end of the time the two training courses were always back to back (2-2).

It was finally during the goal shoot-out that the Kalara Boys, at the end of the effort, will reap off the qualification for the 8th Cameroon Cup final.

Kalara Boys self-sacrificing and congratulating them; they wear the shirt on behalf of the Club;

It’s high time fans and fans supporters start supporting these young players because they are the last goalkeepers of the Temple.

The Kalara Boys will face the Coton Sport Club of Garoua in the 8th Cameroon Cup final scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2021 at the Municipal Stadium in Bertoua.

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