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Cameroon Football: All Time Elite One Clubs Rankings

Cameroon Football: All Time Elite One Clubs Rankings - Banner advertising service

All Time Ranking of the Best Football Clubs in Cameroon and their Points won since the formation of the Elite One Championship in 1961

Since the formation of Cameroon Elite One Championship in 1961, 38 teams have contested for the championship.

Here, we at BraggsSports are going to rank the teams in the Elite one championship with regards to points won from playing games since its creation.

NOTE: This data is valid only as of the date of writing this article being the 25/05/2021

1. Coton Sport of Garoua

Coton have won a total of 15 Elite One championships, making them the first in overall points won.

Points Won: 1467 Points

2. UMS of Loum

UMS of Loum has only won two Elite One titles.

Points Won: 1414 Points

3. Union Sportive of Douala

With five Cameroon Elite One titles to their name, US of Douala sits third as on of the best clubs in Cameroon.

Points Won: 1364 Points

4. Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda

Points Won: 1371 Points

5. Bamboutos of Mbouda 

Just like Yong Sport Academy, Bamboutos has never won the Cameroon clubs Elite One Championship.

Points Won: 1368 Points

Fovu holds one Elite One title to their name.

Points Won: 1367 Points

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Feutcheu FcC has no Elite One title to her name. However, their rise in recent years is what gives them a lot of points won, giving them a chance to sit on this list.

Points Won: 1367 Points

Another well known team without the Cameroon clubs Championship.

Points Won: 1367 Points

With One Elite One title on their name, the ninth place belongs to Unisport FC. Unisport Fc who rose to fame between 2012 and 2018 has not featured in the Elite One clubs competition since April 2019 after being relegated.

Points Won: 1367 Points

Points Won: 1362 Points

Points Won: 1358 Points

Points Won: 1346 Points

Points Won: 1339 Points

Points Won: 1338 Points


Points Won: 1337 Points

Points Won: 1336 Points

Points Won: 1332 Points

Points Won: 1328 Points

Points Won: 1327 Points

Points Won: 1321 Points

Points Won: 1318 Points

Points Won: 1309 Points

Points Won: 1306 Points

Points Won: 1305 Points

Points Won: 1299 Points

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Points Won: 1295 Points

Points Won: 1293 Points

Points Won: 1291 Points

Points Won: 1287 Points

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Points Won: 1286 Points

Points Won: 1280 Points

Points Won: 1272 Points

Points Won: 1272 Points

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Points Won: 1253 Points

Points Won: 1309 Points

Points Won: 1247 Points

Points Won: 1237 Points

Points Won: 1236 Points

As seen above, many Elite One clubs of the season 2020-2021 are at the bottom 20 in the all time rankings, although some of them have been crowned Champions more than once. This explains the poor state of some clubs in Cameroon.

Are you satisfied with the ranking or points won so far by your club?

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