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Tactical view on Aguero and Depay transfer to Barca

Tactical view of Aguero and Depay transfer to Barca - Banner advertising service

Tactical Analysis on the impact  of signing Memphis Depay and Sergio Aguero on Barca team structure & tactics & why they should sign a winger

So Aguero will move to Barca at the end of this season with the player having already agreed a two year deal with Barca. Lyon’s Memphis Depay will be out of contract with Lyon and Ronald Koeman needs him so bad. We at BraggsSports have taken on to analyze tactically our view on the impact both players transfer to Barca could bring on the team structure and tactics.

Both Memphis Depay and Sergio Aguero aren’t inherently bad signings, immense player quality – but managing will be very hard, especially given Barca’s goals. It’s a tactical headache for managers to slot them all in – even if they’d accept to be benched regularly, and that is for various reasons.

Width being the main issue to my sense. If you’re playing Lionel Messi + Depay/Aguero, you sacrifice at least one winger. If it’s the three, you have not a single winger. To my sense, that leads to a misuse of space occupation, even more so against so-called ‘low blocks’.


Why Barca should Sign a Winger

One of the main issues Barcelona have had for the past seasons has been width. A signing in the type of Bryan Gil (Eibar) would then make sense. It is good to have an alternative in Agüero, but that also means there will be width sacrificed. I don’t see Lionel Messi being subbed off mid-game.

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That means that for example; Messi + Aguero would entail a lack of winger, perhaps Messi false RW – and we know the problems coming along with it since the Valverde era. Messi will always come towards the centre, and that is a problem if you don’t maximize his time on the ball.

Why signing Aguero and Depay could cause Barca to lose their Pressing style.

Barca could also lose pressing-wise. None of Leo, Depay and Agüero have astonishing pressing numbers. That entails a 10 vs 8 game once again, just like in the Suarez era – if it’s the three, it’s a 10 vs 7 in transitions. That entails the midfield will have to stop many attacks.

Which is hard to imagine given a few issues, both structural and individually (Busquets has never run much, if he’s forced to track back, you lose him). That comes at a price, no matter how you slot them: Barcelona’s defensive problems are likely to remain in these conditions.

This means both can only be short-term signings, and where I think Aguero will mainly come off the bench, these are certain headaches from a strategic point of view. I also think that Aguero’s inclusion doesn’t entail the halt of trust in Griezmann either. The least that I can comprehend is Depay’s transfer.

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Depay to Barca? – What’s the Plan?

Depay not a ‘pure’ winger, but he’s not also an entirely central as a fixating point either. With Griezmann remaining, how could all of this work? assuming Barcelona come back to the 4 at the back and most likely a 4-3-3 system that requires two ‘real’ wingers.

To conclude, Barca has already agreed terms with Sergio Aguero, that is OK. However i think Barca should not go on to sign Depay and should rather opt in to sign a winger as President Laporta advised Koeman to get the team back to their 4-3-3 default formation.

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