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An Unfortunate Tale-The case of FC Vaduz in Switzerland

An Unfortunate Tale-The case of FC Vaduz in Switzerland - Banner advertising service

An Unfortunate Tale: The case of FC Vaduz (a Liechtenstein club) who plays in the Swiss Super League in Switzerland.

FC Vaduz is a club from Liechtenstein that plays in the Swiss Super League. The club is the only professional team from Liechtenstein. They started playing in the Swiss league during the 1933-34 season.

When FC Vaduz first joined Swiss football, they first played in the Swiss third tier and now playing in the Swiss top tier.

However, it was until the 2007–08 season that Vaduz secured promotion to the Swiss Super League on 12 May 2008 by winning the Challenge League on the final day of the season, giving Liechtenstein a representative at the highest level of Swiss football for the first time.

They pay around £150,000 per year to the Swiss Football Association to participate in its league. The club doesn’t participate in the Swiss cup and cannot represent Switzerland internationally.

This means that if FC Vaduz ever win the Swiss Super League then they will not be eligible to qualify for the Champions League. This is due to the fact that Vaduz have been given the status of a ‘guest club’ in the Swiss Super Leagues.


However, FC Vaduz cannot be champions of the Swiss Super League even if they finish top of the table. If they top the league table, the Swiss club right next to them will automatically be Champions, as simple as that-NO PRESSURE, SMILES.

Vaduz is unique in that it represents its own national association in the UEFA Europa League when winning the domestic (Liechtenstein) cup, whilst playing in another country’s (Switzerland) league. This is due to Liechtenstein not organizing its own league. This could be justified by the number of clubs available in the nation and the size of the nation. Liechtenstein is the fifth smallest country in the world. They have a population of 38,000.

No league system

Liechtenstein is the only European country with no league system because there are only seven clubs in the country. Two of the other six clubs play in the Swiss fourth tier, two play in the Swiss seventh tier, one plays in the Swiss sixth tier and the other play in the Swiss eighth tier.

The seven clubs from Liechtenstein can play in the Liechtenstein Cup organized by the Liechtenstein Football Association. Vaduz has won the competition 47 times. They won the cup since 1994 except the 1996-97 season and the 2011-12 season.

Therefore if Vaduz should have to play Champions League football, it will have to win the Europa League or the Champions league itself.

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